Valorant Agent 22 Gekko is set to Officially Revealed during VCT LOCK//IN Showmatch

Valorant Agent 22 Gekko is set to Officially Revealed during VCT LOCK//IN Showmatch

Valorant Agent 22 Gekko is set to Officially Revealed during VCT LOCK//IN Showmatch- The anticipation surrounding the imminent arrival of Valorant’s newest agent, Agent 22, has set the gaming community abuzz. Riot has announced that they will reveal the next agent for the game Valorant during an upcoming showmatch at VCT Lock//IN, following some teasing artwork that had been released earlier. In addition to the announcement from Riot about revealing the new Valorant agent during an upcoming showmatch, the game also released a brief teaser video showing a group chat on the new agent’s phone-like device, which included messages from other characters in the game.

The teaser for the new Valorant agent showcases a group chat on the character’s phone-like device, including messages from other characters in the game. It is unclear whether the new agent, known as Agent 22, is already a part of this group or if he has hacked into it using his skills, which are similar to those of the character Cypher. There appears to be a connection between the new agent and Reyna, as she endorses him without hesitation. It is possible that they are related in some way, as both characters are Spanish speakers, and the new agent has saved Brimstone’s name on his phone as “Beard Papi.”

Upcoming Valorant Agent 22 Name Revealed as “Gekko”
According to Dataminer the new agent ‘GEKKO’ will be an initiator. Riot Games is known for choosing names for their Valorant agents that have a deeper meaning related to their abilities or backstory.For instance, the Indian agent known as Harbor is also called Varun, which is Hindi for “ocean,” reflecting his water-based abilities. Similarly, agent Fade’s name is also reflective of his abilities. Based on information available on the internet, “Gekko” means “Moonlight” and has Japanese or European origins.

Riot Games to Announce more about this Agent in the upcoming showmatch of VCT Lock//IN, where popular streamers like Tenz, Tarik and more will battle against each other.

Valorant Agent 22 Expected Release Date
At the moment, Riot Games hasn’t provided any information regarding the Agent 22 Release ate. Riot Games has only given a small hint about the character and hasn’t released any official statements. However, insider reports and other sources suggest that Agent 22 is likely to be released sometime in the second week of March.



  • FRTTT 🇧🇷 
  • Sk Rossi 🇮🇳 
  • Vela 🇨🇱 
  • pANcada 🇧🇷 


  • Tarik 🇺🇸
  • Mimi 🇩🇰 
  • Paula 🇧🇷 
  • Sir MAZA 🇪🇸
  • cNed 🇹🇷

The Match Will Start TODAY at 22:30 IST.

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