Top 5 picks for Split

 Split is one of the smallest Valorant maps, and some Agents can particularly excel at tackling its tight choke points. We have put together a list of the best agents on Split that can increase your chances of winning. If you’re too aggressive or passive, Split can be a tricky place. Finding a balanced approach is key to winning on this enclosed map. For this reason, not every agent will shine on the map. However, the new map rotation will include Split in an upcoming update. If you need more information about Top 5 VALORANT Best Agents To Play On Split Map  then read carefully and don’t forget to share with your friends.



Flashers are important on all maps, but they dominate in Split. Skye is one of the best flashers to pick for split, as her birds are difficult to dodge around the map’s sharp corners. Enemies can barely react to a bird chirping in their face. Paired with a Duelist, Sky can help with a bombardment with minimal damage. His tiger ensures that close angles are free of mercenaries, and the team can quickly spike.This agent can help her duelist in fighting against weak and blind enemies on defense.

4) killjoy


Sentinels as an agent category are in my opinion a must-pick for the map, The map is known to have small entryways which can be entirely blocked by sentinel utility, using the swamp grenades on KJ combined with her turret can let her take care of B site entirely. KJ with her can make site retakes very easy for her team and is a great pick overall for this map.

3) jett

jett icebox

The primary operator agent for this map will be Jett who can take advantage of small tunnel entry points of the map and can stop an enemy rush or at least bait out a lot of utility from the opponents, also while attacking she can use her dash ability to create space for her team and serves the primary role of attacking for her team. Jett can be the deciding factor between a win or a loss and is especially a force to be reckoned with on this map.

2) raze


The best choice for the duelist role on Split is Raze. With Split’s tight corners and spaces, Raze will excel with flying colors.

The ability kit of Raze is perfect for clearing corners and tight spaces. Raze’s boom bot excels at gathering information, and there are many angles where the enemies could be hiding in a map like Split.

Raze’s grenades and ultimate ability will surely net you a kill if you point it in the right direction, given how small Split is. If you want to go fancy with your entries, it is easier to double satchel your way into the site on Split.

1) omen

omen split

Omen with his renewable smokes can help hold the site on defence and fake attacks while attacking, overall the passageways and entry points being small also help his smokes flourish more, and having bigger brimstone smokes have no advantage for the map. His teleport ability combined with the verticality of the map also leads him to perform almost like a duelist in some cases and his blind is also very effective for team executions for both entry and site retakes. Overall he is the best smoker agent for this map and is also proficient in getting his own kills.

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