Top 5 Picks for PEARL

Pearl, Valorant map is based underwater inside a dome in Portugal, creating a cooler colour tone and dark lighting. The wonder beneath the waves is designed with chaotic pathways. Furthermore, there are a lot of corners for players to hide and clear before rushing in. Hence, one needs to wisely pick the correct agent to win matches.

Here is the list of Best 5 agents for Pearl :

5) Cypher


Cypher is a powerful Agent in Pearl. There are countless angles on each side. It is physically almost impossible to hold every angle. But, with Cypher, you can cover multiple angles with his Spycam’s assistance. He can also stay carefree while his Trapwires and Cyber Cages are in action.

4) Viper


As a Controller, Viper is a viable option to select when playing a match on Pearl. Her Toxic Screen, i.e. the wall, can be deployed to completely cover off B Tower and Tunnels while rushing the site. You can even use the wall effectively in defense or at the A site.

Moreover, you can use the agent’s Poison Cloud to cover locations like A Link, and Snake Bite can be used in post-plant situations. The Viper’s Pit ultimate also has the potential to be round-changing, and it is pretty potent during attack and defense.

3) neon

Top 5 Picks for PEARL

Neon is an agent you should consider using while playing the Valorant’s Pearl map. Even though she’s not the best Duelist, she can still be a threat to opponents if you know how to use her abilities correctly.

Her High Gear can help you move quickly across the map, rush the two available sites, or control Mid, leaving less space for the opponents. Meanwhile, her wall can further assist you in getting into the site, and you can use the Relay Bolt to clear out challenging corners such as Dugout. Furthermore, Neon’s ultimate can enable you to frag out, and you may use it appropriately during the eco round to get a Thrifty.

2) jett

jett icebox

With one Duelist being the meta on Pearl, Jett is the best option that you can go for. Similar to all the other maps, her abilities are beneficial on this one as well, and you can use them smartly to help your team win.

Using her Tailwind, you can aggressively peek angles like B Ramp and then dash out. Her smokes can cover up spots for a short period, and the Updraft can be used to lift yourself to higher ground, such as Generator. Aside from these, Jett’s ultimate can be lethal in the right hands, and you can quickly kill enemies if you are sharp enough.

1) fade


One can outplay enemies using Fade, the latest Valorant initiator agent in Pearl. Players need more intel and awareness about enemies’ exact position on the map, as it has multiple pathways and corners. Fade can reveal the enemy hiding in a site, allowing one to easily take them down.

Fade’s Prawlers (C) and Seize (Q) abilities will allow the players to effectively clear the corners and find the enemies hiding.

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