Top 5 Picks for LOTUS

Lotus is the second map in the game to feature three plant sites. It’s also the first map to feature a few new mechanics such as rotating doors, a destructible door/wall, and a silent drop.

The map at first glance may seem like a maze, but our Lotus guide has got your back with the right strategies and callouts. Set in Omega Earth’s India, Lotus is specifically located in the Western Ghats region. 

Talking about the map’s inspiration, Level Designer Joe Lansford says, “There are several traditional Indian architectural elements and locations that we took inspiration from. Stepwells, Rock-Cut architecture and the Dravidian style. Badami Cave Temples, Ellora Caves and Rani Ki Vav to name a few.” 

There are also some visual ties to the Guardians on which the map is based and the devs have decided to let players uncover themselves.

Here is the list of best agents for the map of LOTUS :

5) killjoy


Sentinels will have a hard time defending Lotus as it is big and enemies can attack from all sides. Fortunately, Killjoy can cut off access for one site with a perfect set-up. Because of this, other agents on her team can focus on defending the other two sites while Killjoy does her thing alone.

You will not have a hard time finding the perfect spot to place Killjoy’s Lockdown if you need to retake or push on a particular site. There are plenty of corners and walls that will make it impossible for enemies to destroy it.

4) fade


Of the recon initiators like Skye, KAY/O, and Sova, the most useful on Lotus appears to be Fade. With all the different hiding spots and corners to camp out in, utility like Sova’s recon dart and Skye’s Guiding Light can be easier to dodge than on other maps. The amount of area a Fade Haunt can cover is very useful, especially for areas like A main and C main, and like Breach, her ultimate is a great kickstart to any execute or retake.

3) breach

Top 5 Picks for LOTUS

On Lotus, you’re likely going to see a lot of aggression from both defenders and attackers as they try to get control of the main areas leading to sites and Lotus’ trademark rotating doors. Therefore, having Breach almost feels like a necessity to slow down the opponent’s aggressiveness. In addition, Breach’s Rolling Thunder ultimate is one of the best ultimates you could have on Lotus if you’re going for a site execute or a retake.

2) neon

Top 5 Picks for LOTUS

Lotus is a map that rewards fast map control on both attack and defense, and there’s nobody faster than Neon on Valorant’s Agent roster. Beyond just her ability to sprint, though, the stun and wall are massively useful for taking early control of areas like A Lobby/Rubble. On Attack, Neon can sprint over to rubble with a wall and take space, while on defense, she can claim the same area from the opposite side.

Neon’s speed also allows her to rotate very quickly, which is valuable on a three-site map like Lotus where rotate times are generally slower. Not to mention, that speed can also be used to fast flank on either attack or defense for any enemy teams foolish enough not to be watching behind.

1) harbor

Top 5 Picks for LOTUS

Harbor fits nicely into any composition on Lotus, which makes sense given that the new map is essentially Harbor’s home ground. The control Harbor has over his High Tide water wall makes walling off the multiple angles on the site easier. And for wider chokepoints that other controllers can’t cover with a single use of their smokes, his Cascade is perfect. Cove is also a terrific piece of utility for any save or pistol round, as is his Reckoning ultimate given the small size of the sites.

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