Top 5 picks for Haven

Haven is the only Valorant map that features three different sites on one map. Each of these sites follows a three-way entry format, thus giving multiple ways to approach one site. The most challenging part of this map is defending all three sites at once, for which proper agent selection is critical.

The following are the best 5 agents that can benefit the most on the map of HAVEN :

5) chamber

Top 5 picks for Haven

Chamber’s ability to be flexible as both a defensive and aggressive agent makes him an excellent fit for Haven. Like Sage, he can also slow down his enemies with Trademark ability to delay site entry.

Additionally, players can surely pull off some great plays if the agent combines his teleportation with great planning.

4) kay/o


The robot Agent is VALORANT’s most well-rounded Iniatior. KAY/O’s abilities mirror many of the traditional FPS tools like flash bangs and sticky grenades.

KAY/O’s toolkit is perfect for tight quarters and various chokepoints throughout Haven. The one knock on the robot from the future was that playing him came with a steep difficulty curve. But his utilities can cancel out the enemy’s abilities so that is a great tool to have in any sort of scenario. 

3) sova

sova ascent

Sova is a versatile agent that can be particularly effective in Haven due to his scouting abilities. You can use his recon bolt to reveal enemy positions, while his Owl Drone is used to scout out areas of the map that are difficult to access. 

Additionally, Sova’s ultimate ability, Hunter’s Fury, can take out multiple enemies at once from range. All of Sova’s utilities make him a powerful force to be reckoned with on this map.

2) jett

jett icebox

Jett is one of the highest-picked Duelists in the entire Valorant, all because of her fragging potential. Jett can easily make her escape from sticky situations, and repositioning herself to bring the fight right back to her enemies is helpful for her.

However, the agent is entirely mechanical based, for which a player with good aim and game sense prefers to play her. If a player does have these qualities, her ultimate ability can decimate anyone in front of her.

1) astra


Astra’s abilities offer precision and flexibility. In order to clear some specific areas in Haven, Astra’s Gravity Well is an outstanding ability. Other abilities like Nova Pulse & Nebula are also necessary to take map control. Finally, Astra’s Ultimate can provide the ultimate solution for site control. 

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