Top 5 picks for FRACTURE

Fracture is one of the most competitive maps in VALORANT, and it presents players with unique challenges and opportunities for strategic gameplay. One of the key factors that can give players an advantage on this map is choosing the right agent to play. With a big variety of agents to choose from, each with their own set of abilities, it can be difficult to know which ones are the best agents on Fracture.

In this article, we will explore some of the best VALORANT agents to play on the Fracture map, analyzing their strengths and weaknesses and offering tips on how to use them to dominate your opponents.

Here is the list of best 5 agents that can bee preferred to play on the map of FRACTURE : 

5) cypher


A Sentinel like Cypher can be a game-changer when it comes to securing rounds on Defense. The Trapwire can be placed at entrances like A main or B main to monitor if an enemy is pushing. Whereas the Cyber Cage can act like Smoke, and you can create one way using the same.

The Spycam is another vital piece of utility that Cypher possesses, and you can utilize it to have a visual view and tag opponents. The ultimate will benefit immensely as well, and knowing the locations of opponents in a situation like 1vs2 or 1vs1 can help you clutch out.

4) neon

Top 5 picks for FRACTURE

Neon,duelist can be very impactful in a quick-paced, aggressive playing style. The agent’s High Gear enables you to move quickly across the map, and you can use the Slide with the right-click to make it harder for the opponents to shoot at you.

Besides that, the Relay Bolt is exceptional and can stun opponents camping inside hard to clear out angles like Bottom Site on A, Tower on B, etc. The Fast Lane ability will be very advantageous too, as you try to enter a site as the Wall it creates offers a relatively secure entrance.

Also, the Overdrive ultimate can be used when you don’t have enough money to make an appropriate purchase. It can tremendously damage opponents and allow you to get a few kills.

3) raze


Raze is undoubtedly the best Duelist your team can opt for while playing Fracture. Her abilities can deal tremendous damage, and the flights you can make using the Blast Packs are perfect for making an entry into a site.

You can use her grenade, i.e., Paint Shells, to clear out enemies at A site, B Tower, B Generator, and other locations. In addition, the Boombot can aid in knowing whether there’s an enemy close by while you are rushing the A site through tunnels. Speaking of the Showstopper ultimate, it can enable you to get some frags if you use it appropriately.

2) brimstone


Brimstone’s (controller) remarkable abilities fit well on Fracture, which is why he is so popular amongst the community on the map. With three smokes at your disposal, you can conveniently cover multiple locations during site commitment while saving one for post-plant scenarios.

Additionally, the Stim Beacon can be deployed while rushing with the team, allowing you to make swift plays through A Door with SMGs. The Incendiary will also prove beneficial, and you can use Brimstone’s ultimate during after-plant situations to take down the opponent defusing and ensure a round win.

1) breach

Top 5 picks for FRACTURE

Breach has established himself as the go-to Initiator on the Fracture map in Valorant, as evidenced by the many professional teams that use him during tournaments. He can be a nuisance to play against; thus, you must consider playing the particular agent.

Breach’s flashes and Fault Line ability are particularly effective in the narrow corridors of the map, including the A entrance and Arcade. At the same time, his Aftershock can clear out enemies in proximity.

Moreover, Rolling Thunder is among the most powerful ultimate for this map, and given the compact size of the sites, it can be used to enter or retake them swiftly.

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