Top 5 Picks for BIND

Bind is one of the maps available in VALORANT. It is a small-sized map set in an abandoned desert town in Morocco. The map features two bomb sites: A and B and features a bunch of narrow corridors and tight spaces that make it ideal for close-range gunfights. The map’s distinctive feature is the teleports from one side to the other, which allows for various strategies and rotations between bomb sites. In general, Bind is a fast-paced and intense map that requires the average user to be strategic and adaptable. But all of that can be made easier if the team uses the proper agents.

 Here are the best agents to use on Bind :

5) chamber

Top 5 Picks for BIND

Chamber is cut out for larger locations where his Operator and Sheriff shine the most. However, his teleport and slow bot make him a jack of all trades. On Bind, Chamber takes the form of a deadly duelist despite his Sentinel kit. He can play insane tricks combining his teleporters with Bind’s TP and confuse enemies. His Trademark bot allows his team to push in safely without worrying about enemy flanks. 

4) viper


Viper (Controller) is an agent in VALORANT who can be super useful when getting a queue in Bind. This is because Viper’s abilities, like Brimestone, allow her to control large areas of the map and make the enemies’ time harder in the process. One of her abilities is her toxic screen, which allows her to create a wall of poisonous gas that can be used to block off areas of the map.Since we are dealing with narrow corridors and tight areas. In addition, Viper’s snake bite can also be used to either stall time in post plants on the attacking side or interrupt enemies’ execution on defense while dealing a lot of damage to them as well. Her ultimate, Viper’s pit, is also effective because it is a guarantee to win rounds on the attacking side and a guarantee to make the enemies rotate on defense.

3) brimstone


Brimestone (Controller) is one valuable agent when it comes to Bind due to his abilities that allow him to control the battlefield with his arsenal of smokes. Being able to smoke sight lines is a massive advantage to teams attacking because it blocks certain angles and sight lines in the process, and it is as useful in defending as well, allowing to interrupt an execution. With the fact that this map has a bunch of narrow corridors and tight spaces, with a few of smokes, enemies will be tilted. His ultimate, the orbital strike, can also be quite effective on Bind. It allows him to target a location on the map and rain down a devastating barrage of fire on that area, dealing significant damage to enemies caught there, which also can be used to stall time in post plants or clear angles in attack.

2) fade


Fade (Initiator) is an incredible information gathering agent that is super op on Bind. Her abilities include a prawler that is used to clear corners and off-angles, which make her super useful in the attacking side to avoid getting buck-ied. In addition, her abilities also allow her to gather information about the enemies’ positions and their movements. All in all, like Sova, Fade’s effectiveness lies in being able to tell teammates the whereabouts of enemies. Her ultimate is also useful because it deafens enemies’ and make them vulnerable, which can be used to execute a site (hit a site) on the attacking side or retake a site on the defending side.  

1) raze


Raze (Duelist) is also super useful when it comes to Bind. Her effectiveness lies in her abilities. One of her main abilities, are the blast packs, which allow her to leap through the site and create a ton of space, making it easier for her team to advance. Her paint shells also deal the most damage out of all agents’ abilities, making her a perfect candidate to clear narrow corridors and tight areas. Her ultimate, the showstopper, can be a round difference maker, it is a rocket launcher that can be used to deal massive damage to enemies and eliminate them in the process.

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