Top 5 attackers in Pokemon Unite

Top 5 Attackers in POKEMON UNITE

Pokemon Unite Attackers specialize in dealing incredible amounts of damage: usually from far away. They’re able to pressure opponents on lanes early on if left to farm and can easily carry an otherwise lost game in the right conditions.Choosing the right attacker for the job will be primarily dictated by their overall strength as well as their matchup with enemy heroes.

This article lists the best choices for those interested in playing the Support role.


Top 5 Attackers in POKEMON UNITE

Pikachu’s insane damage and ability to lock enemies down with Stuns earn it a spot among great Attackers. This Pokemon can systematically wipe entire enemy teams with its AoE moves if left unchecked. Its high damage and low-cooldown moves plus the fact that it’s argubly the easiest Pokemon to play as makes it a great pick for all skill levels!

2) Venusuar

Top 5 Attackers in POKEMON UNITE

Venusaur’s versatile kit makes it one of the most dependable Attackers in the game. The Pokemon can be a frontline tank or a backline damage dealer, depending which combination of moves you are going for, but either way you’ll certainly deal massive damage. Although it does need a hand in the early game, once it has both of its moves, its power just goes up from that point on.

3) Greninja

Top 5 Attackers in POKEMON UNITE

Greninja is an elusive Attacker that performs well in the later stages of a match with its solid damage and mobility. Its ninja-like playstlye via Double Team illusions or Smokescreen stealth and vision disruption gives it an advantage during fights and makes it an expert assassin. The Pokemon offers both range and melee options via Water Shuriken and surf, respectively, and also though its Standard Attacks. However, realizing Greninja’s power requires careful target selection, which means avoiding lunging at enemies without a clear advantage

4) Cinderace

Top 5 Attackers in POKEMON UNITE

Cinderace’s strength comes from its high attack damage and rapid attak speed, making it the ultimate long-ranged, basic-attack Attacker. The Pokemon also has a surprisingly decent amount of mobility, allowing it to be elusive while sniping key targets from afar. Cinderace’s only issue is that its early game is very weak and needs a lot of farming to quickly rush its evolution. However, it does perform well as a jungler, which easily solves the problem.

5) sylveon

Top 5 Attackers in POKEMON UNITE

Sylveon has a great mix of offense, defense, and mobility. It can continuously deal damage while simultaneously further increasing its damage output and keeping itself protected through HP recovery and defensive moves thanks to its Pixilate ability. It also has a reliable mobility option through Mystical Fire, making it hard to catch. Moreover, it scales up early in the game, reaching its first power spike only at level 4. However, Sylveon needs to survive longer than most Attackers to deal its intended damage since it does not have burst damage, which is something that Attackers struggle on

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