Top 3 Sentinels in Valorant

Top 3 Sentinels in Valorant

Sentinel agents are those who are most likely to hold back on the battlefield. Whether their primary job is healing or supporting their team, they aren’t the types to charge in first with guns blazing. If players like to slow-play and support their teammates, then a Sentinel agent is a necessary part of any strategic team that could be just right for them.


1) Killjoy

killjoy best sentinel

Killjoy is the most tech-savvy agent in Valorant who has thought of every possible situation on the battlefield. The German genius was introduced in Act Two of Episode One and is known for her cute, but dangerous robots.

  • Her basic abilities are Alarmbot and Nanoswarm. Alarmbot is an intel ability where Killjoy deploys a robot that seeks out enemies. You must remain within 40 meters of the robot to keep it active and once it reaches its target, it will explode and leave players vulnerable. Vulnerable players take double damage from all sources. Nanoswarm is one of the best abilities in Valorant. It is a deterrent ability where Killjoy throws a nanoswarm grenade that goes covert once it lands. It has to be re-activated to release a four seconds long nanoswarm that can deal up to 180 damage.
  • Killjoy’s signature ability is Turret. It is an intel ability. Killjoy can place a turret that will automatically fire at enemies within its 180-degree cone. Similar to the Alarmbot, you have to be within 40 meters of the turret for it to remain active. The turret only has 125 HP and deals between 12-24 damage per three-round burst, but it’s a great way to keep enemies away.
  • Killjoy’s ultimate ability is Lockdown. It’s a crowd control ability where Killjoy places a lockdown device on the floor that winds up for 13 seconds before detaining all enemies caught within its 32-meter radius for eight seconds. The lockdown device has 150 HP and, if it is destroyed before its 13-second windup ends, the ultimate ability will be canceled.

Killjoy has a pretty well-rounded kit. She can keep enemies at bay with her basic abilities and even deal some damage with her turret. Her ultimate ability allows her to shine in post-plant situations, making her a solid choice for an aggressive team.

2) cypher

Top 3 Sentinels in Valorant

Aamir, better known as Cypher, is a Moroccan agent who has been a part of the Valorant roster from the beginning. He is essentially a one-man surveillance network that has no trouble keeping tabs on the enemy’s location.

  • His basic abilities are Trapwire and Cyber Cage. Trapwire is primarily an intel ability. Cypher throws a trapwire that will remain in place indefinitely as long as it’s thrown in a viable position, such as wall-to-wall or floor-to-roof. Any player that walks through it will be tethered, revealed, and concussed for three seconds. Cyber Cage is a vision blocker that lasts for seven seconds and slows enemies who walk through it.
  • Cypher’s signature ability is Spycam. It is an intel ability. Cypher fires a spycam on a wall within 20 meters of his location and can take control of the camera to reveal the location of enemies by hitting them with a marking dart. You will remain still while using the spycam, leaving you vulnerable. Enemies can destroy the spycam by dealing any damage to it, so you’ll want to place it in a spot where it can’t be easily spotted.
  • Cypher’s ultimate ability is Neural Theft. It is another intel ability. If you kill an enemy or encounter a dead enemy agent with this ultimate active, you can use Neural Theft on their body to reveal the location of all their living teammates. You only have a 20-second window after a death to use this ability and it will highlight all remaining enemies in yellow.

Cypher is the best agent in the game if you want to gather intel, but the rest of his kit is severely lacking. Cypher does not have any damage-dealing abilities, making him a one-dimensional and predictable agent in Valorant.

3) sage

Top 3 Sentinels in Valorant

Sage is the supreme healer in Valorant. The Chinese agent has been a part of the roster since launch and has plenty of abilities centered around keeping her teammates in good health.

  • Her basic abilities are Barrier Orb and Slow Orb. Barrier Orb is a vision-blocking ability. Sage can create a solid wall that enemies cannot pass through. It takes three seconds for the wall to fortify. Once fortified, each of its four segments have 800 HP. Slow Orb is a crowd control ability. Sage throws an orb that detonates once it hits the ground, creating a lingering field for seven seconds that slows the movement of all players that step on it by 50 percent, including yourself.
  • Sage’s signature ability is Healing Orb. It is a sustain ability.Left-clicking will allow Sage to heal teammates that have taken damage while right-clicking will allow her to heal herself. It takes just five seconds to heal your teammates and ten seconds to heal yourself. Healing Orb will restore 60 health, but it cannot overheal players.
  • Sage’s ultimate ability is Resurrection. It’s a sustain ability and arguably the best ultimate in Valorant. After activating this ability, you simply put your crosshair on a dead ally and left-click to resurrect them. Just keep in mind that you have to be within six meters of the target for them to be resurrected and it takes 1.3 seconds to revive a player, so they may be left vulnerable.

Sage is one of the best sentinel in the game because she is capable of keeping her teammates alive. If you take damage in a gunfight, Sage will be able to heal you. She can also create a nearly impenetrable wall and slow down enemies trying to flank. Combine all that with Sage’s ultimate ability and you have the perfect medic in Valorant.

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