Top 3 Initiators In VALORANT

Top 3 Initiators In VALORANT

Initiator agents are designed to do what it says on the tin- initiate. This isn’t a class where you just run in and try to 1v5 however, your initiation usually comes from your abilities and the utility they can provide. Whether you’re a nature lover and are the embodiment of Skye or you keep getting killed by Sova’s Hunter’s Fury everytime you try to defuse, Initiators are always a vital part of any successful Valorant team!

Initiators are information gatherers and fight instigators. Their abilities are usually the opening salvo of an attack and some are equipped with flashes. A crucial part of any team and every composition should have at least one of them.


1) sova

sova best initiator


  • At the start of the round, try to land a well-placed Recon Bolt to pry into the defense. The Recon Bolt has a 40-second cooldown, so you’ll be able to have another one up before your team actually groups to take a site.
  • If the first bolt gets destroyed, then the defense is likely primed and ready for a hold. If the bolt scans and finds no one, then throw some Shock Bolts in angles that the scan didn’t account for. If all else fails, utilize Drone Owl to really lift the veil on the other team.

Most importantly, Hunter’s Fury can absolutely ruin a defender’s plan for a last-second defuse from afar. Make sure to use Valorant’s lack of a sky-box to your advantage by learning your lineups.


It’s important for a Sova on Defense to not get antsy. Players are used to having a lot of intel with this Agent but, on Defense, a patient Sova will prevail.

  • Sova is good at playing for retakes, but he’s stronger at stalling pushes than the trinket-wielder is. His Recon Bolt can give you information of what’s coming around the bend and gives your team more info than any other Initiator ability in the game.
  • During a pivotal round, don’t be afraid to use your Hunter’s Fury in the quiet parts of the stage to scope a potential site take. The X-Ray highlighting on a hit will let you know a lot about what the defense is planning.

Sova is an incredible Agent to use overall and has been a meta pick from Day 1. If you don’t forget to learn a few lineups to avoid predictable Shock Bolts or easily spotted Recon Bolts, then Sova will take care of you in your climb to Radiant. However, with recent nerfs being applied to the Agent’s toolkit to make way for Gekko, it remains to be seen whether Sova can hold on to his position as the best initiator in Valorant.


Top 3 Initiators In VALORANT


  • Fade’s arsenal is filled with abilities that can be used efficiently to track down and hunt enemies. Be it the Prowler that chases down nearby enemies and applies the near-sight debuff on them or Seize that locks down multiple enemies in a fixed radius, Fade is well equipped for most aggressive scenarios in Valorant.
  • Apart from her utility tools, Fade’s Signature ability, Haunt, and Ultimate ability, Nightfall, are both excellent methods of gathering information about the enemies’ positioning. Her ultimate can be an absolute game-changer for pushing into a post-plant site as the Defenders.


Apart from aggressive scenarios, Fade’s arsenal of abilities is quite well suited to serve in defensive situations as well.

  • Fade can easily blind and lockdown any enemies that might be chasing after her with Prowler and Seize respectively. These abilities can be excellent tools that allow Fade to escape unfavorable situations when used optimally.
  • On top of these, Haunt can be used to check tight corners for hiding enemies before rushing into sites. Additionally, Nightfall can be used to gather intel and prepare for upcoming pushes from the enemy team.

It has been quite a while since Fade’s release in Valorant and needless to say, the Turkish Agent has definitely made her mark in the meta. Offering a robust arsenal of abilities that can be used to not only track down enemies but also tie them down to a point, Fade is one of the strongest Initiators in Valorant.

3) gekko



  • Gekko’s abilities like Dizzy and Wingman allow your team to set up for site entry and retakes. Being able to stun your enemies, blind their vision, and even plant and defuse Spikes without even entering the site makes Gekko almost a must-pick in every match.
  • All of Gekko’s abilities can be refreshed during the course of every round as long as he had it available at the beginning of the same. While all three of his basic abilities can be refreshed multiple times during the same round, Gekko can only refresh his Ultimate Ability only once in a round. All you have to do is collect the expired globule after using every respective ability and it will be refreshed after a short cooldown.


Like most Initiators in Valorant, Gekko needs to be patient when it comes to defensive plays. Considering his arsenal of abilities, there are plenty of things that the Agent can do to enable his teammates.

  • Gekko is perfectly equipped for site retakes with his Mosh Pit, which can be used to drive enemies out of corners, as well as his Ultimate Ability, Thrash, which can be used to lock down on enemies as your teammates enter the site.
  • The Initiator also does a very good job of being a nuisance for the enemy team when they try to take over sites with his various pets. Be it stunning enemies or blinding them for your team to get a few frags, Gekko’s kit has almost everything that you might need in the middle of a fight in Valorant.

Given that Gekko is the latest Initiator to join the ranks in Valorant, the Agent is a bit overpowered, to begin with. Although Riot is expected to balance the Agent soon, it is quite obvious that Gekko’s entire kit of abilities will always allow him to enable his teammates in clutch situations. Having said that, we can safely say that Gekko is definitely at par with Sova as the strongest Initiator in Valorant.

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