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Soul Amit Discloses who will decide Team Soul’s playing four.

BGMI is banned in India since over nine months. But , the regional community has always been interested in knowing what is happening with Team SouL and its players.

During a recent livestream, Amit “Soul Amit” Dubey – Coach of Team SouL, was asked another such question by one of his viewers who wanted to know how are the playing four decided by the organization.

Amit explains how and who will decide Team SouL’s playing four

It is difficult for any BGMI team to accurately predict its playing four in the mobile battle royale’s continued absence. Many factors come into play when making this particular decision, which can only be decided opon properly once the game returns.

While discussing who decides upon Team SouL’s playing four, Amit stated that the decision mostly rests with him but the captain’s comfort zone is also taken into consideration.

“So to say that I decide Team SouL’s playing four would be wrong. It will be a 50-50 split between the IGL (In-Game Leader) and me, whatever I am able to notice from an outside perspective,” said Amit.

He further mentioned that opinions from the players are also accounted for when deciding the playing four, “Say we are playing with Neyoo (Suraj Nityanand Majumdar) and someone is not comfortable with him, say AkshaT (Akshat Goel) or Omega (Sahil Jakhar), so we have to take all that into consideration as well.”

Lastly, Amit reminded folks that at the end of the day, they want four players representing the team who are most comfortable playing with each other and can deliver the best possible performance for the side.

“IGL is the one who has to play with the team, so he plays the most important role during decision-making for the playing four,” concludes Amit.

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For now, nothing can be said with certainty about the playing four that shall represent Team SouL in BGMI upon the game’s return. They have lots of talented and promising players, along with the pressure to meet high expectations set by their supporters, making it all the more tougher for them to take this decision.

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