BGMI pro Saggy accused of hacking by community, other pro players react


Sagar “Saggy” Thakur, a tier 1 BGMI pro, was found hacking in a shocking revelation. Talks about the gamer hacking came into the picture after a clip of two BGMI applications on his phone surfaced.

Saumraj, the in-game leader of BGIS champion Skylightz Gaming, was the first one who talked about Saggy hacking. The former stated he is pretty sure that Sagar was hacking because he understands how it works and what the most recent hacks are on the market.

BGMI player Saggy accepts his mistakes

A new story was posted by Sid in which Saggy was seen accepting his mistake and asking for forgiveness. In addition, the latter stated he is leaving the gaming community forever, and his organization was unaware of all of this.

He wrote:

“I did the wrong thing, and I am already suffering, and I will suffer more. It’s me who was greedy, and I’ve done this and chose the shortcut route to success. Sorry for everything, and I hope I will get a chance somehow to prove myself once more. I will leave this community for now as I don’t deserve to be here. And my team and organization had no idea about it. Even I didn’t know what was happening to me. Sorry Sid bhai, for everything. I deserve this.”


Enigma Saggy Hacking Confirmed?

Enigma Saggy hacking has been a constant topic of discussion in the last few days. It all started with a video that went viral on Instagram that showed him using two BGMIs in his phone. BGMI Pro Saggy was dubbed to be using some kind of hacks for his iOS device to gain unfair advantage over his opponents to win matches.

In the beginning, Saggy tried to explain his side by saying everything was on a live stream from Feb 17, and that it has been a while since he has played with his team and has gone live on his “growing” YouTube channel since he has to focus on his college. However, the IGC, fedup of all the hackers in the scene and have been finding a way to deal with hackers, and Krafton has also been taking constant measures, but it just has not been enough.

Saggy represented Celcius Esports before joining Enigma Gaming in December 2021. The latter ranked 10th at the BGIS 2021 and had podium finishes in five third-party tournaments in 2022.

Enigma Gaming’s IGL Avi clarified on Instagram that Saggy was fired from the company because he refused to play in the Bootcamp. The organization had no idea what was going on, and they would never encourage these types of unethical activities.

Saggy didn’t play in the recently concluded 7Sea BGMI Invitational, and without him, the team came third.

Several players from the BGMI community reacted to this matter. GodLike coach Ghatak, Soul Esports manager Sid, and Revenant Encore posted on their Instagram stories.

NOTE:- With BMOC qualifiers in full swing, Krafton has the responsibility to catch hackers and disqualify them from the tournament so that they do not take the place of anyone who deserves it. The organizers have an uphill task ahead of the Battleground Mobile Open Challenge (BMOC 2022), so it will be interesting to see what steps they take to promote fair play and prevent cheating.



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