S8UL Sid's reaction on GE's BGMI roster having hackers

S8UL Sid’s reaction on GE’s BGMI roster having hackers

S8UL Sid accuses Global Esports’ BGMI roster of having at least one player who uses cheats

S8UL Sid is a popular content creator and the manager of the BGMI esports team – Team Soul. He recently gave his views on the entire hacking saga while live streaming. He was seen reacting to Global Esports’ BGMI esports roster with at least one player who has sought unfair means in the recent past or before that to rise through the ranks.

Sid, who is known to support young talent, was seen getting disappointed following Saggy’s hacking accusations getting confirmed. He raised concerns about how several other teams might also have hackers playing in Tier 1 scrims and tournaments without their team owners knowing about it.

Here is the link to Sid’s live stream. His reaction can be seen around the 25-minute mark on the live stream.

He added that Mayavi must stop defending his players as his image will be tarnished when reality is brought before the public. According to Sid, people would hold Mayavi responsible for helping his players hack or not taking action even after knowing the facts. Either way, it will result in Mayavi’s career coming to an end, which will be shocking.


Talking about owners, Sid mentioned that the owners of the organizations do not pay heed to what goes on in the tournament. They strive towards the betterment of their respective organizations. They have no information about the presence of hackers in their lineup.

Sid further stated that even the players he manages (Akshat, Omega, Hector, and Goblin) are not out of suspicion. Every player in the community is suspected of hacking after Saggy was caught hacking.

He even mentioned that if the audience can provide him with any proof against the BGMI players of Team Soul or any other organization, he will take it upon himself to see that the players are punished and banned from the community. This proves Sid’s dedication to providing a safe and clean esports environment in the country.

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