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July 30, 1996

Tanmay Singh professionally known as “ScoutOP” is an E-sports player who has represented India in PUBG/BGMI and one of the most famous YouTuber with 4.7M Subscriber on YouTube. Scout is very well known for his tactics in PUBG for Entry Fragging, Assaulting accuracy of his laser-like m416 + 6x, scar + 4x, DMR spamming, and his IGL decisions. He has an Instagram verified account with
3.5 M followers. The name Scout came from the Game CS Go in which a gun named scout came and he used to used it very often and he had mastery in using the gun, Therefore he came to be known as “Scout “.<br>
Scout played football from his early childhood. He played professionally for Kolkata at the national level. He had a dream to represent the Indian team in Football.One day his mom was not allowing to go for the evening practice, Tanmay jumped from the terrace and escaped from the home silently. During jumping, he got an injury in the hamstring. The doctor recommended about six months of bed rest as it was a severe injury and which won’t allow him to walk also. Then Scout decided that he would rest at home and make his career in Gaming.

Scoutop has very good experience in terms of skills as he has built up many Good contacts with Indo and Chinese players in Game. He developed his skills by learning from them and adopting the learning abilities from them. Scout was the player who brought the usage of claw controls in India. Firstly, he used to control the recoil using thumb but as he started the use of Gyro Scope the spray started becoming laser-like.

Before Playing for his own team ‘Team Xspark’ , Scoutop had played for IND,GodL,SOUL,Fnatic,and OR.
SCOUT, is the only player in INDIA to get 11 solo finishes in PEC in a single match.<br>
SCOUT, while playing for OR got his team to #2 in PMWL 2020.


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