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Current Team
Past Teams
S8UL(BGMI), Celt
May 20, 2021

Roxx is an esports player from India of Battlegrounds Mobile India. He is the most popular Indian player for the role of In Game Leader in the gaming community as he led his team to victory in many tournaments. His full name is Yogesh Yadav. He is very passionate about the game

He is one of the most consistent and calm players of the community and very often clutches out very hard situations. He has had a long standing journey in the Indian community and is was a part of Team Soul. Roxx is a salaried player for Team Soul and is also a part of S8UL. Furthermore, he also owns a YouTube channel, Celtz Roxx, which has more than 115K subscribers.

According to Social Blade, Roxx earns between $252 and $4K per month through his YouTube channel. He has been a top fragger for his team in many official tournaments showing off his assaulting skills as well. His impeccable strategies and exceptional foresight in the matches have led his teams to some astounding victories and trophies in recent years.

Net Worth

ProfessionEsports Player
Monthly Income1-2 Lakhs (not exact)
Net Worth30-40 Lakhs(not exact)
Money factorsYoutube, PUBG Mobile, Promotions
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