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December 12, 2000

Regaltos is an esports player from India of Battlegrounds Mobile India. He is the most aggressive front assaulter Indian player for the role of assaulter in the gaming community and is recognised by many international teams/players. His full name is Parv Singh. He is known for his role of Assaulter. He is very passionate about the game and many believe that he is very aggressive and is a clutch master .

Regaltos is one of the most consistent players of the community. Currently he is one of the best entry fraggers in the community and he is praised by all the Indian gaming community members and is currently a part of the Team Soul. He is considered to be the top ‘assaulter’ in India and someone with unmatchable skills in close range combat. His impeccable strategies and exceptional foresight in the matches have led his teams  to some astounding victories and trophies in recent years. He is an excellent mid range player and always gives the performance when needed.

He is recently inactive in esports scrims and tournaments as he is finding it difficult to be in the playing four for Team Soul. He is an active streamer on YouTube. He recently came to S8UL bootcamp, as fans were very much eager to see him in the S8UL videos. He is a content creator for 8-Bit Creatives.

Teams And Achievements/ Prize Worth

PUBG Mobile Pro League – South Asia Season 1: Finals14-06-202013th$3,500
PUBG Mobile Pro League – South Asia Season 1: League07-06-20208th$2,000
SkyEsports Grand Slam: PUBGM Invitational19-05-20202nd$792
Gamers without Borders2020: Asia05-05-20208th$2,000
Peacekeeper Elite Championship 201929-12-201912th$6,439
PUBG Mobile Club Open – Fall Split Global Finals01-12-201912th$8,000
PUBG Mobile Club Open – Fall Split: South Asia10-11-20192nd$30,000
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