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May 20, 2021

Akash Anandani aka Maxkash is an esports player from India of Battlegrounds Mobile India. He is the most popular Indian player for the role of support player in the gaming community and is recognised by many international teams/players.He is very passionate about the game and many believe that he always gives chances to underdog players and makes them stars. Also, he is also known as the DMR king as he was among the first players to start DMR meta in the Indian community.

Maxkash is one of the most consistent and experienced players of the community. He has had a long standing journey in the Indian community and is currently a part of the Team Forever. Maxkash is considered to be the top ‘assaulter’ in India and someone with unmatchable skills in close range combat.

His impeccable strategies and exceptional foresight in the matches have led his teams  to some astounding victories and trophies in recent years. He is an excellent mid range player and always gives the performance when needed. When asked about where he want to see himself in 5 years he replied,”I cannot say about the upcoming 5 years, but I want to see myself competing on the global level in the upcoming year. If I am able to prove myself globally, I would like to help others and get Esports recognized in our country”.

Teams And Achievements/ Prize Worth

Championship/ TournamentsTeam PlayedPositionPrizeYear
VE Winter MastersForever2nd$4,5822022
PUBG Mobile Pro League – Arabia Season 1: FinalsGalaxy Racers8th$3,0002021
PUBG Mobile Pro League – Arabia Season 1: LeagueGalaxy Racers12th$4,5002021
ILG Cup – Season 3Fnatic2nd$1,6012020
PUBG Mobile India Series 2020Fnatic2nd$6,6012020
PUBG Mobile Pro League – South Asia Season 1Marcos12th$6,5002020
OR Championship – Legends Rise 2020Marcos1st$1,3252020
Gamers Without Borders 2020: AsiaMarcos3rd$2,0002020
PUBG Mobile All Stars India 2019ORB6th$1,4022019
PUBG Mobile Club Open – Fall Split: South AsiaORB14th$2,0002019

Net Worth

Net worth of Maxkash is around 40 lakhs where 14-15 lakhs is his tournaments income, although it is not confirmed by him

ProfessionEsports Player/ Youtuber
Monthly IncomeNot Known
Net WorthAround 30-40 Lakhs(not exact)
Money factorsYoutube, PUBG Mobile, Promotions
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