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November 28, 2021

Drigger is an esports player from India of Battlegrounds Mobile India. He is the one of most popular Indian players for the role of Assaulter in the gaming community as he led his team to win in many tournaments. His full name is Shubham Quiriyal. He is known for his role of Front Assaulter/ Entry Fragger. The player is very passionate about the game and his fragging skills are always on point. He and his team were not considered a threat but they have proved themselves at various occasions and are a rising force.

Drigger is one of the most complete players of the community. He has had a long standing journey in the Indian community and is currently a part of the Team Orangutan. He has been a top fragger for his team in many official tournaments showing off his assaulting skills as well. His impeccable strategies and exceptional foresight in the matches have led his teams to some astounding victories and trophies in recent years.

Net Worth

ProfessionEsports Player
Monthly Income1-2 Lakhs (not exact)
Net Worth20-30 Lakhs(not exact)
Money factorsYoutube, PUBG Mobile, Promotions
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