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September 8, 2002

Ashish Bhatnagar aka Ash is an esports player from India of Battlegrounds Mobile India. He is one of the most experienced Indian players in the gaming community. He is very passionate about the game. He is a versatile player and can play at any position. Currently he is playing for team Orangutan and is their in-game leader.

Ash is not known for flashy plays but his game style is very effective for winning and scoring consistent points in the game. He has had a long standing journey in the Indian community. His teammates have been top fraggers for his team in many official tournaments, his assaulting skills are also great but he prefers to stay behind and assist them.

His impeccable strategies and exceptional foresight in the matches have led his teams to secure a top 5 position in tournaments consistently in recent times.
Started his esports career with Team CSPG India. He was picked by team 8bit after the first official tournament. Due to his consistent performance he was signed by the global organization Fnatic. Currently playing with Team Orangutan.
Under his IGLING, FNC won PMAS 2019.
He Also led his team , ORANGUTAN to #2 in BGMI SHOWDOWN and #3 in BMGI MASTER SERIES.

Teams And Achievements/ Prize Worth

2021-12-014thOneShot Showdown Season 2: Grand FinalsOG$2,658
2021-10-221stLOCO War of Glory: League StageOG$4,401
2021-10-021stWings BattleFestOG$1,348
2020-07-192ndILG Cup – Season 3Fnatic$1,601
2020-07-172ndESL India Premiership 2020 Summer Season: FinalsFnatic$4,005
2020-07-052ndPUBG Mobile India Series 2020Fnatic$6,601
2020-06-148thPUBG Mobile Pro League – South Asia Season 1Fnatic$9,000
2019-12-298thPeacekeeper Elite Championship 2019Fnatic$11,420
2019-12-221stPUBG Mobile All Stars India 2019Fnatic$28,051
2018-12-092ndFighting League 2018 – IndiaCSPG$3,037

Net Worth

ProfessionEsports Player
Monthly Income1-2 Lakhs(not exact)
Net Worth30-40 Lakhs(not exact)
Money factorsYoutube, PUBG Mobile, Promotions
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