Mortal shares his views on esports in Road To Valor : Empire

Mortal shares his views on esports in Road To Valor : Empire

Naman ‘MORTAL’ Mathur one of the most famous person in the gaming community of INDIA and the co-owner of S8UL , recently on his stream was seen discussing the possibility of Esports in Road to Valor: Empires. He further added that this game to an extent resembles the popular PC title Age of Empires and said it can also grow in eSports if given the right opportunities.

MortaL believes Road to Valor: Empires has the potential to become an esports title

S8UL, Indian esports organisation has announced a partnership with KRAFTON, makers of battle royale game – Battlegrounds Mobile India, for the Indian launch of their latest mobile game, Road to Valor: Empires. As per the company, this is a one-of-a-kind partnership in India between a developer and an esports organisation with an aim to boost the growth of the Indian gaming ecosystem.

As part of this partnership, S8UL Esports’ content creators have been actively streaming and playing Road to Valor: Empires on their livestreams. These content creators, including SCOUT,REGALTOS and PAYAL GAMING, expressed that they enjoyed the game and provided positive feedback.

In a recent livestream, MortaL was seen playing Road to Valor: Empires. While playing, a viewer asked him if the game had the potential to become an esports title. Responding to this, he revealed that he had been playing the game for a few days and expressed his belief that the game has the potential to become a popular esports title if given the right opportunity. “If given a chance, then definitely this game can be part of esports. Like, many of you might have previously played Age of Empires; this game features the same troops, almost similar, which is the best part,” he added.

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