Middle East & Arica Region

Middle East & Arica Region

-Global Level Tournament Details-


PMGC  TEAMS SELECT From Sub Region Fall Tournament and MEA Fall Championship Tournament.  

MEA Region Slots;-

a).  2 Teams Qualify From Arabia Fall 2023 Tournament 

b).  1 Teams Qualify From Africa Fall 2023 Tournament 

C).  3 Teams Qualify From the MEA Fall Championship 2023 Tournament


PMWI TEAMS SELECT From Sub Region Spring Tournament.

European Region Slots;-

a).  1 Teams Invite From Arabia Spring 2023 Tournament.

b).  1 Teams Invite From Africa Spring 2023 Tournament 

-Region Level Tournament Details-


1. Sub-region Spring Tournament.

2. Region Spring Championship  


1. Sub-region fall Tournament.

2. Region Fall Championship  

Ongoing Tournament Details and Points