MAVI Prohibited From Playing T1 BGMI Scrims

MAVI Prohibited From Playing T1 BGMI Scrims

Recently, Hydra Hrishav stated that HYDRA ESPORTS‘ slot in T1 lobby were cancelled due to lack of achievements. And now MAVI, was also refused to get slot in T1 lobbies saying that he doesn’t have enough achievements.

Mavi’s former teammate Ultron noted that there were multiple teams that were not fulfilling the said rule but were allowed to play in the exact same scrim.

MAVI and ULTRON claims ‘POLITICS’ in T1 Scrims

Recently MAVI was livestreaming with ULTRON.During their live stream, MAVI stated that his slot in BGMI Tier-1 scrims were cancelled due to lack of achievments. Due to this MAVI was playing with team 8BIT for a time being as one of their player 8BIT BEAST was ill.

Notably, Mavi is one of the most accomplished players in the BGMI community with a plethora of achievements to his name, including a third-place finish in the PUBG Mobile Club Open 2019 – Spring Split: India, second place finish in the PUBG Mobile India Tour 2019, and more. His most notable achievement is the second-place finish on the international stage of PUBG Mobile World League 2020: East.

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He further explained that the Tier-1 scrims had the rule that all players in a team must be Tier-1 players, but his team had only two players – him and Ultron. He added that they had planned to pick two random players.

Following this, Ultron noted that in the same scrim (custom room), there were multiple teams that were not fulfilling the said rule that all teams must have all Tier-1 players but were still allowed to play. Ultron stated that this is called “politics” and not rules. He went on to name a bunch of teams in the scrim that had multiple players who were not Tier-1.

Before this incident, Hydra Esports’ creator HYDRA HRISHAV also shared that HYDRA esports BGMI team were also prohibited from getting a slot in Tier-1 scrims and stated that their are internal politics going on in BGMI Scrims. Hrishav stated that despite having achievements and being a deserving team, the scrim organizers were not giving Hydra Esports a slot in the scrims. He explained that when he tried to approach the scrim organizers to discuss the situation, there was a lack of transparency in team selection, and some organizers also ignored him.

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