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Hydra Esports Plans To Setup a New Bootcamp Before BGMI’s Return!!!

Hydra Esports Plans To Setup a New Bootcamp Before BGMI’s Return!!!

Hydra Esports’ content creator Hrishav “Hrishav” Kumar recently hinted at the organization’s new bootcamp. He expressed eagerness for the return of Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) and the establishment of the team’s new bootcamp.. However, he refrained from disclosing further information and said that the organization’s owner Aaditya “Dynamo” Sawant would reveal more details.

Hrishav hints at Hydra Esports’ new bootcamp

Dynamo recently revealed that Hydra Esports had shut down bootcamp a long time ago – five or six months. According to Dynamo, there were various that played a role in making the decision. However, the main reasons for shutting down the bootcamp were a lot of workloads, productivity issues from the organization’s content creators, and the significant expense of running a bootcamp. Dynamo explained that the responsibility for managing all elements of the bootcamp fell on his shoulders, putting a tremendous amount of pressure.

Multiple content creators from Hydra Esports, including Vipul “Emperor Plays” Agarwal, Pratik “Alpha Clasher” Jogiya, Ayush “Ayush is Live” Shukla, Prasad “Born to Snipe” Joshi, Vickie “Nucleya” Singh, and Python, also left the organization.

In a recent livestream, a viewer asked Hrishav if there was any update about Hydra Esports bootcamp status. Responding to this, Hrishav expressed his eagerness for the return of BGMI and the setup of the organization’s new bootcamp. “Let BGMI come back as soon as possible and let our new bootcamp be set up for us. I want it to happen as soon as possible,” he said.

Despite the challenging time Hydra Esports is having, Hrishav remained hopeful that everything would fall into place. “If everything goes right and works well; all the things Dynamo is thinking happen; everyone collectively works to make something good happen again; fingers crossed, we will have a blast,” he said.

In another livestream, when asked about Hydra an update on Hydra Esports’ bootcamp, Hrishav assured his viewers that everything related to the bootcamp would be taken care of before the return of BGMI. However, he refrained from disclosing any further information and said Dynamo would reveal further information. “Everything related to the bootcamp will be sorted soon. We will sort everything out before BGMI returns. Dynamo will let you know about everything. I can’t reveal everything; I have limitations.”

With a new bootcamp, Hydra Esports will aim to boost its content creation game and foster its BGMI esports roster. Furthermore, Dynamo previously announced that the organization would be signing a few more content creators. It will be exciting to see how things turn out for Hydra Esports with its new bootcamp.

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