GodLike Esports responds to rumors of attempted poaching of Valorant players

GodLike Esports responds to rumors of attempted poaching of Valorant players

Yesterday, January 27th, the Indian gaming community witnessed a major controversy related to player poaching. While it’s clearly not the first time something like this has happened, the vast majority of gaming viewers who have experienced similar situations before are aware of the poaching of the organization behind this allegation, Global Esports (GE). has been vocal about his Valorant player.

GodLike Esports were once again in the crosshairs, another controversy they were involved in, but no names were released by those involved.All the accusations and rumors that most of the Indian gaming community leveled against them. To shut down, GodLike Esports general manager Kammaljeet Singh was forced to issue a statement on behalf of the entire organization.

General Manager of GodLike Esports has responded to rumors about attempted Valorant player poaching

In the early hours of 27th January, Rushindra Sinha from Global Esports had revealed that there had been an attempt at poaching one of its players by another unnamed Indian organization. Soon after, the news went viral with other personalities and community members discussing about it, one name that started popping up was GodLike Esports.

However, it was all hearsay because no names had been taken by the source of all this information. Even after countless allegations stacking up against GodLike, no particular details were revealed by Rushindra Sinha or anyone else from his organization.

In response to all the rumors, Kammaljeet from GodLike Esports posted a couple of statements via his official Instagram account, alleging that the organization has already signed its Valorant lineup along with a screenshot of a WhatsApp group named ‘GodL Valorant’ which was supposedly created on 20th January.

“All the players we have signed have been given green signal from their previous orgs,” stated Kammaljeet, “FYI: There are no players from GE (Global Esports) or any rumors being circulated in the market.”

Response to poaching rumors by GodLike Esports

He posted another article explaining that if either party still has questions or misunderstandings, they are free to call him to discuss.

For the time being, reported player poaching has been addressed, but this case shows that the community remains vigilant and vigilant not to be fooled by false statements and narratives should such incidents occur. I’m here.

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