eSports Org

1. Godlike eSports Org

Godlike eSports Valorant Team, Godlike eSports CODM Team, Godlike eSports BGMI Team, Godlike eSports Organization,Godlike Girl BGMI Lineup

Godlike Esports

Owner Of Godlike eSports Organization Is Kronten Gaming

2. S8ul eSports Org

S8ul Pokémon Unite team, Soul esports organization logo , s8ul eSports Organization

s8ul eSports

Owner Of S8ul eSports Organization Is Mortal , Thug  & Goldy Bhai

3. OR eSports Org

Or esports organization logo,Orange Rock New State Lineup,OR Esports BGMI Lineup

OR eSports

Owner Of OR eSports Organization Is OR Fraggie.

4. TSM eSports Org

TSM eSports BGMI Team,TSM New State Lineup,TSM-FTX FreeFire Lineup,TSM BGMI Lineup

TSM eSports

 India Region Manager Of TSM eSports Organization Is Nizhum Karmakar.

5. Global eSports Org

Global eSports Valorant Team, Global eSports BGMI Team, Global eSports, Global esports organization logo,Global Esports Female Valorant Lineup,Global Esports New State Lineup,Global Esport Valorant Lineup,Global Esport BGMI Lineup

Global eSports

CEO Of Global eSports Organization Is Dr Rushindra Sinha.

6. Enigma eSports Org

Enigma Gaming New State Team, Enigma Gaming Valorant Team, Enigma Gaming eSports BGMI Team,Enigma Gaming New State Lineup,Enigma Gaming Codm Lineup,Enigma Gaming Pokémon Unite Lineup,Enigma Gaming Valorant Lineup,Enigma Gaming BGMI Lineup,

Enigma Esports

Owner Of Enigma Gaming Organization Is Aryaman Wasan..

7. Velocity Gaming eSports Org

Velocity Gaming New State Lineup,Velocity Gaming Valorant Lineup,Velocity Gaming BGMI Lineup,

Velocity Gaming

Owner Of Velocity Gaming eSports Organization Is TMsentinel

8. Team XO Org

Team XO BGMI Team,Team XO New State Lineup,Team Xo Valorant Lineup,Team XO BGMI Lineup,

Xo eSports

Manager  Of Team XO eSports Organization Is Vikrant .

9. Skylightz gaming Org

Skylightz Gaming New State Lineup,Skylightz Gaming BGMI Lineup,

Skylightz gaming

Manager Of Skylight Gaming eSports Organization Is God Rex.

10. Team xSpark eSports Org

Team Xspark BGMI Team,Team X Spark New State Lineup,Team X Spark BGMI Lineup,

Team Xspark

Owner Of Team Xspark eSports Organization Is Scoutop..

11. 7sea eSports Org

7Sea Esports New State Team, 7Sea eSports BGMI Team, 7Sea eSports,7Sea Esports New State Lineup,7Sea Esports BGMI Lineup,

7sea eSports

Owner Of 7sea eSports Organization Is Drogo.

12. Orangutan Org


Orangutan eSports

Owner Of Orangutan eSports Organization Is Yash Bhanushali..

13. Revenant gaming Org

Revenant eSports CODM Team, Revenant eSports Valorant Team, Revenant eSports BGMI Team,Revenant Esports New State Lineup,Revenant Esports Pokemon Unite Lineup,Revenant Esports FreeFire Lineup,Revenant eSports Valorant Lineup,Revenant Esports CODM Lineup,Revenant Esports BGMI Lineup,Revenant Esports New State Lineup,

Revenant Gaming

Manager Of Revenant Gaming eSports Organization Is Prashanth (Crunchy)..

14. Reckoning eSports Org


Reckoning eSports

Owner Of Reckoning eSports Organization Is Sharang Naicker.

15. Hyderabad Hydra eSports Org

Hyderabad Hydra pokemon Unite Team, Hyderabad hydra eSports BGMI Team,Hyderabad Hydras New State Lineup,Hyderabad Hydra pokemon Unite Lineup,Hyderabad hydra BGMI Lineup,

HH eSports

Owner Of Team Tamilas eSports Organization Is VAADHIYAAR VAADHI.

16. Entity Gaming Org

Entity Gaming Pokemon Unite Team Entity Gaming eSports BGMI Team,Entity Gaming Pokemon Unite Lineup,Entity Gaming BGMI Lineup,

Entity Gaming

Owner Of Entity Gaming  Organization Is ..

17. Chemin eSports Org

Chemin Esports New State Team, Chemin eSports BGMI Team,Chemin Esports New State Lineup,Chemin esports Pokemon Unite Lineup,Chemin eSports Freefire Lineup,Chemin Esports BGMI Lineup,

Chemin eSports

CEO Of Chemin eSports Organization Is Ishan Verma..

18. Team Insane eSports Org

Team Insane eSports CODM Team, Team Insane eSports New State Team, Team Insane eSports BGMI Team, team insane esports organization, Team Insane New State Lineup, Team Insane FreeFire Lineup, Team Insane CODM Lineup, Team Insane BGMI Lineup,

Team Insane

Owner Of Team Insane eSports Organization Is David Dey..

19. Marcos Gaming eSports Org

Marcos Gaming Pokemon Unite Team, Marcos Gaming COC Team,Marcos Gaming New State Lineup,Marcos Gaming Pokemon Unite Lineup,Marcos Gaming COC Lineup,Marcos Gaming FreeFire Lineup,Marcos Gaming BGMI Lineup,

Marcos Gaming

Owner Of Marcos Gaming Organization Is Sudhir Kulria.

20. True Rippers eSports Org

True Rippers eSports BGMI Team, True Rippers Pokemon Unite Team, True Ripper,True Rippers New State Lineup,True Rippers Pokemon Unite Lineup,True Rippers Valorant Lineup,True Rippers CODM Lineup,True Rippers BGMI Lineup,

True Rippers

Founder Of True Ripper eSports Organization Is Yashwanth..

21. Nigma Galaxy Org

Nigma Galaxy Freefire Lineup,Nigma Galaxy BGMI Lineup,

Nigma Galaxy

CEO Of Nigma Galaxy eSports Organization Is Paul Roy.

22. Team 8bit Org

Team 8bit BGMI Lineup,Team 8bit BGMI Team,

Team 8bit

Owner Of Team 8bit eSports Organization Is Thug..

23. Team Forever Org

Team Forever BGMI Lineup,

Team Forever

Owner Of Team Forever eSports Organization Is Owais..

24. FS eSports Org

FS Esports New State Team, FS eSports BGMI Team,FS Esports New State Lineup,Fs Esports Pokemon Unite Lineup,FS ESPORTS VALORANT Lineup,Fs Esports Bgmi Lineup,

FS eSports

Owner Of FS eSports Organization Is ..

25. Hydra Official Org

Hydra eSports BGMI Team,Hydra Official BGMI Lineup

Hydra Official

Owner Of Hydra Official eSports Organization Is Dynamo Gaming..

26. Gods Region eSports Org

Gods Reign Valorant team, Gods Reign Pokémon Team, Gods Reign Pokémon Unite Lineup, Gods Reign BGMI Lineup,

Gods Region

Owner Of Gods Region eSports Organization Is Rohit (KR) ..

27. The World Of Battle eSports Org

TWOB New State Lineup,


The owner Of TWOB eSports Organization Is .

28. Midwave eSports Org

Midwave Esports New State Lineup, Midwave Esports BGMI Team,


The owner Of Midwave eSports Organization Is.

29. Blind eSports Org

blind eSports BGMI Lineup,blind eSports COC Lineup,


Blind eSports is a South Asia based Esports organization that was formed in April 2019. The owner Of BLIND eSports Organization is . . .  

30. Numen eSports Org

Numen Esports BGMI Team,Numen Esports BGMI Lineup,Numen eSports Organization,


Numen Esports And Gaming Private Limited is an unlisted private company incorporated on 12 April, 2022.

31. Gladiators eSports Org

Gladiators Esports BGMI Team,Gladiators eSports Organization


Gladiators Esports aims to make a significant impact on Indian esports. Its mission is promoting and advancing esports in India….

32. Gujarat Tiger eSports Org

Gujrat Tigers BGMI Team,Gujrat Tigers BGMI Lineup,Gujrat Tigers eSports Organization

Gujarat Tiger

Gujarat Tigers is a new esports organization that aims to promote and nurture esports talent in India. The organization was founded by Ravi Patel….

33. Carnival Gaming eSports Org

Carnival Gaming BGMI Team,Carnival Gaming BGMI Lineup,

Carnival gaming

According to the company that is registered, Carnival Gaming is in the name of Umesh Gangaram Chandgude, and Omkar Mahesh Chandgude….