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Paper Rex crowned as first-ever VCT Pacific League 2023 Champion

Paper Rex crowned as first-ever VCT Pacific League 2023 Champion

Paper Rex is crowned as the first-ever champion of the VALORANT Champions Tour (VCT) 2023: Pacific League after reverse-sweeping DRX 3-2 in the grand final.

Paper Rex crowned as first-ever VCT Pacific League 2023 Champion :- Prior to the grand final showdown, it was Paper Rex that sent DRX down to lower bracket where the South Korean favorites had to deal with T1 in the lower bracket final. Their previous playoff clash had Paper Rex dominating DRX in just two games, 13-5 on Fracture and 13-6 on Bind.

“It really feels amazing because we finally beat the Kings of Pacific themselves [DRX],” Jason “f0rsakeN” Susanto said after winning against DRX in the grand final. “Now, we are the Kings of Pacific.”

DRX Starts The Grand Final Showdown

DRX started the series strong, taking the first game on Fracture 13-6. In their attacking half, they had a near-perfect record of nine out of ten successful post-plants, breaking Paper Rex to submission with a 9-3 scoreline before halftime which continued for the rest of the game. During one of their successful attacks, Kim “MaKo” Myeong-kwan recorded an ace in the ninth round to help widen the gap between the two teams. As for individual player accolades, Kim “Zest” Ki-seok was the game’s MVP as he played well yet again, leading everyone in kills with his 19/13/4 KDA. Meanwhile, Goo “Rb” Sang-min was the key player from the desk as he led the charge with his Neon.

The second game on Ascent went to multiple overtimes where DRX came out on top yet again. To start the game, Paper Rex’s Ilya “something” Petrov went for Reyna, with Wang “Jinggg” Jing Jie locking on Raze instead. Something’s Reyna became an initiator as he would use his dismisses as something akin to a flash—taking crosshairs away from the main hit—along with the leers he had. Despite that, DRX proved to be unstoppable as they won the triple overtime 16-14, with one of the overtime rounds featuring an ace from Yu “BuZz” Byung-chul on Round 29.

Paper Rex Equalizes The Series

Moving on to the third game on Lotus, Paper Rex averted getting swept and took a game for themselves. With the game initially tied 2-2, Paper Rex pulled away from DRX and secured a massive 9-3 lead coming into halftime. Armed with their usual confidence, Paper Rex’s signature W-Gaming moves sprinted them across the second half, ending the game with a massive 13-3 win to avoid a DRX sweep. Jinggg led Paper Rex to victory with an impressive 323 ACS on a 20/10/3 KDA on Raze.

Paper Rex then equalized the series 2-2 by getting the fourth game on Pearl 13-8. They ended the first half up 8-4 thanks to the entry duo of Something’s Jett and Jinggg’s Phoenix which were supported by Khalish “d4v41” Rusyaidee’s thirteen assists during the half with Skye. In the second half, it almost looked like Paper Rex’s defense was full of holes as DRX managed to win the first three rounds. Thankfully, they managed to quash it with a four-round win streak to secure map point and eventually end it in Round 21 with a wipeout.

Final Map: Bind

Paper Rex continued their winning ways to claim the final game on Bind 13-6. The team had a hot start, going 6-0 to boot with D4v41 recording an ace on Round 3 and getting 10 kills in just the first three rounds.

On the other hand, DRX didn’t just take on a beating without giving out a fight. In fact, Mako’s second ace for the day on Round 11 reinvigorated the team as they eventually closed the half with three rounds to start with during their second half campaign. They then won the first two rounds to start the second half but was then met with a three-round win streak from Paper Rex. They tried to extend the game by winning one more round on Round 18 but it was not enough to prolong the series as Paper Rex then close it out the next round.

Paper Rex crowned as first-ever VCT Pacific League 2023 Champion

By the end of the series, Something was proclaimed as the finals MVP as he recorded a total of ninety-five kills and twenty-five assists on a 245 series ACS.

As the champions of VCT Pacific, Paper Rex is now directly qualified to the Masters Tokyo Playoffs. Meanwhile, both DRX and T1 will have to go through and survive in the group stage of Masters Tokyo.


Top 5 Picks for BIND

Bind is one of the maps available in VALORANT. It is a small-sized map set in an abandoned desert town in Morocco. The map features two bomb sites: A and B and features a bunch of narrow corridors and tight spaces that make it ideal for close-range gunfights. The map’s distinctive feature is the teleports from one side to the other, which allows for various strategies and rotations between bomb sites. In general, Bind is a fast-paced and intense map that requires the average user to be strategic and adaptable. But all of that can be made easier if the team uses the proper agents.

 Here are the best agents to use on Bind :

5) chamber

Top 5 Picks for BIND

Chamber is cut out for larger locations where his Operator and Sheriff shine the most. However, his teleport and slow bot make him a jack of all trades. On Bind, Chamber takes the form of a deadly duelist despite his Sentinel kit. He can play insane tricks combining his teleporters with Bind’s TP and confuse enemies. His Trademark bot allows his team to push in safely without worrying about enemy flanks. 

4) viper


Viper (Controller) is an agent in VALORANT who can be super useful when getting a queue in Bind. This is because Viper’s abilities, like Brimestone, allow her to control large areas of the map and make the enemies’ time harder in the process. One of her abilities is her toxic screen, which allows her to create a wall of poisonous gas that can be used to block off areas of the map.Since we are dealing with narrow corridors and tight areas. In addition, Viper’s snake bite can also be used to either stall time in post plants on the attacking side or interrupt enemies’ execution on defense while dealing a lot of damage to them as well. Her ultimate, Viper’s pit, is also effective because it is a guarantee to win rounds on the attacking side and a guarantee to make the enemies rotate on defense.

3) brimstone


Brimestone (Controller) is one valuable agent when it comes to Bind due to his abilities that allow him to control the battlefield with his arsenal of smokes. Being able to smoke sight lines is a massive advantage to teams attacking because it blocks certain angles and sight lines in the process, and it is as useful in defending as well, allowing to interrupt an execution. With the fact that this map has a bunch of narrow corridors and tight spaces, with a few of smokes, enemies will be tilted. His ultimate, the orbital strike, can also be quite effective on Bind. It allows him to target a location on the map and rain down a devastating barrage of fire on that area, dealing significant damage to enemies caught there, which also can be used to stall time in post plants or clear angles in attack.

2) fade


Fade (Initiator) is an incredible information gathering agent that is super op on Bind. Her abilities include a prawler that is used to clear corners and off-angles, which make her super useful in the attacking side to avoid getting buck-ied. In addition, her abilities also allow her to gather information about the enemies’ positions and their movements. All in all, like Sova, Fade’s effectiveness lies in being able to tell teammates the whereabouts of enemies. Her ultimate is also useful because it deafens enemies’ and make them vulnerable, which can be used to execute a site (hit a site) on the attacking side or retake a site on the defending side.  

1) raze


Raze (Duelist) is also super useful when it comes to Bind. Her effectiveness lies in her abilities. One of her main abilities, are the blast packs, which allow her to leap through the site and create a ton of space, making it easier for her team to advance. Her paint shells also deal the most damage out of all agents’ abilities, making her a perfect candidate to clear narrow corridors and tight areas. Her ultimate, the showstopper, can be a round difference maker, it is a rocket launcher that can be used to deal massive damage to enemies and eliminate them in the process.


Top 5 Picks for LOTUS

Lotus is the second map in the game to feature three plant sites. It’s also the first map to feature a few new mechanics such as rotating doors, a destructible door/wall, and a silent drop.

The map at first glance may seem like a maze, but our Lotus guide has got your back with the right strategies and callouts. Set in Omega Earth’s India, Lotus is specifically located in the Western Ghats region. 

Talking about the map’s inspiration, Level Designer Joe Lansford says, “There are several traditional Indian architectural elements and locations that we took inspiration from. Stepwells, Rock-Cut architecture and the Dravidian style. Badami Cave Temples, Ellora Caves and Rani Ki Vav to name a few.” 

There are also some visual ties to the Guardians on which the map is based and the devs have decided to let players uncover themselves.

Here is the list of best agents for the map of LOTUS :

5) killjoy


Sentinels will have a hard time defending Lotus as it is big and enemies can attack from all sides. Fortunately, Killjoy can cut off access for one site with a perfect set-up. Because of this, other agents on her team can focus on defending the other two sites while Killjoy does her thing alone.

You will not have a hard time finding the perfect spot to place Killjoy’s Lockdown if you need to retake or push on a particular site. There are plenty of corners and walls that will make it impossible for enemies to destroy it.

4) fade


Of the recon initiators like Skye, KAY/O, and Sova, the most useful on Lotus appears to be Fade. With all the different hiding spots and corners to camp out in, utility like Sova’s recon dart and Skye’s Guiding Light can be easier to dodge than on other maps. The amount of area a Fade Haunt can cover is very useful, especially for areas like A main and C main, and like Breach, her ultimate is a great kickstart to any execute or retake.

3) breach

Top 5 Picks for LOTUS

On Lotus, you’re likely going to see a lot of aggression from both defenders and attackers as they try to get control of the main areas leading to sites and Lotus’ trademark rotating doors. Therefore, having Breach almost feels like a necessity to slow down the opponent’s aggressiveness. In addition, Breach’s Rolling Thunder ultimate is one of the best ultimates you could have on Lotus if you’re going for a site execute or a retake.

2) neon

Top 5 Picks for LOTUS

Lotus is a map that rewards fast map control on both attack and defense, and there’s nobody faster than Neon on Valorant’s Agent roster. Beyond just her ability to sprint, though, the stun and wall are massively useful for taking early control of areas like A Lobby/Rubble. On Attack, Neon can sprint over to rubble with a wall and take space, while on defense, she can claim the same area from the opposite side.

Neon’s speed also allows her to rotate very quickly, which is valuable on a three-site map like Lotus where rotate times are generally slower. Not to mention, that speed can also be used to fast flank on either attack or defense for any enemy teams foolish enough not to be watching behind.

1) harbor

Top 5 Picks for LOTUS

Harbor fits nicely into any composition on Lotus, which makes sense given that the new map is essentially Harbor’s home ground. The control Harbor has over his High Tide water wall makes walling off the multiple angles on the site easier. And for wider chokepoints that other controllers can’t cover with a single use of their smokes, his Cascade is perfect. Cove is also a terrific piece of utility for any save or pistol round, as is his Reckoning ultimate given the small size of the sites.


Top 5 Picks for PEARL

Pearl, Valorant map is based underwater inside a dome in Portugal, creating a cooler colour tone and dark lighting. The wonder beneath the waves is designed with chaotic pathways. Furthermore, there are a lot of corners for players to hide and clear before rushing in. Hence, one needs to wisely pick the correct agent to win matches.

Here is the list of Best 5 agents for Pearl :

5) Cypher


Cypher is a powerful Agent in Pearl. There are countless angles on each side. It is physically almost impossible to hold every angle. But, with Cypher, you can cover multiple angles with his Spycam’s assistance. He can also stay carefree while his Trapwires and Cyber Cages are in action.

4) Viper


As a Controller, Viper is a viable option to select when playing a match on Pearl. Her Toxic Screen, i.e. the wall, can be deployed to completely cover off B Tower and Tunnels while rushing the site. You can even use the wall effectively in defense or at the A site.

Moreover, you can use the agent’s Poison Cloud to cover locations like A Link, and Snake Bite can be used in post-plant situations. The Viper’s Pit ultimate also has the potential to be round-changing, and it is pretty potent during attack and defense.

3) neon

Top 5 Picks for PEARL

Neon is an agent you should consider using while playing the Valorant’s Pearl map. Even though she’s not the best Duelist, she can still be a threat to opponents if you know how to use her abilities correctly.

Her High Gear can help you move quickly across the map, rush the two available sites, or control Mid, leaving less space for the opponents. Meanwhile, her wall can further assist you in getting into the site, and you can use the Relay Bolt to clear out challenging corners such as Dugout. Furthermore, Neon’s ultimate can enable you to frag out, and you may use it appropriately during the eco round to get a Thrifty.

2) jett

jett icebox

With one Duelist being the meta on Pearl, Jett is the best option that you can go for. Similar to all the other maps, her abilities are beneficial on this one as well, and you can use them smartly to help your team win.

Using her Tailwind, you can aggressively peek angles like B Ramp and then dash out. Her smokes can cover up spots for a short period, and the Updraft can be used to lift yourself to higher ground, such as Generator. Aside from these, Jett’s ultimate can be lethal in the right hands, and you can quickly kill enemies if you are sharp enough.

1) fade


One can outplay enemies using Fade, the latest Valorant initiator agent in Pearl. Players need more intel and awareness about enemies’ exact position on the map, as it has multiple pathways and corners. Fade can reveal the enemy hiding in a site, allowing one to easily take them down.

Fade’s Prawlers (C) and Seize (Q) abilities will allow the players to effectively clear the corners and find the enemies hiding.


Top 5 picks for Haven

Haven is the only Valorant map that features three different sites on one map. Each of these sites follows a three-way entry format, thus giving multiple ways to approach one site. The most challenging part of this map is defending all three sites at once, for which proper agent selection is critical.

The following are the best 5 agents that can benefit the most on the map of HAVEN :

5) chamber

Top 5 picks for Haven

Chamber’s ability to be flexible as both a defensive and aggressive agent makes him an excellent fit for Haven. Like Sage, he can also slow down his enemies with Trademark ability to delay site entry.

Additionally, players can surely pull off some great plays if the agent combines his teleportation with great planning.

4) kay/o


The robot Agent is VALORANT’s most well-rounded Iniatior. KAY/O’s abilities mirror many of the traditional FPS tools like flash bangs and sticky grenades.

KAY/O’s toolkit is perfect for tight quarters and various chokepoints throughout Haven. The one knock on the robot from the future was that playing him came with a steep difficulty curve. But his utilities can cancel out the enemy’s abilities so that is a great tool to have in any sort of scenario. 

3) sova

sova ascent

Sova is a versatile agent that can be particularly effective in Haven due to his scouting abilities. You can use his recon bolt to reveal enemy positions, while his Owl Drone is used to scout out areas of the map that are difficult to access. 

Additionally, Sova’s ultimate ability, Hunter’s Fury, can take out multiple enemies at once from range. All of Sova’s utilities make him a powerful force to be reckoned with on this map.

2) jett

jett icebox

Jett is one of the highest-picked Duelists in the entire Valorant, all because of her fragging potential. Jett can easily make her escape from sticky situations, and repositioning herself to bring the fight right back to her enemies is helpful for her.

However, the agent is entirely mechanical based, for which a player with good aim and game sense prefers to play her. If a player does have these qualities, her ultimate ability can decimate anyone in front of her.

1) astra


Astra’s abilities offer precision and flexibility. In order to clear some specific areas in Haven, Astra’s Gravity Well is an outstanding ability. Other abilities like Nova Pulse & Nebula are also necessary to take map control. Finally, Astra’s Ultimate can provide the ultimate solution for site control. 


Top 5 picks for Split

 Split is one of the smallest Valorant maps, and some Agents can particularly excel at tackling its tight choke points. We have put together a list of the best agents on Split that can increase your chances of winning. If you’re too aggressive or passive, Split can be a tricky place. Finding a balanced approach is key to winning on this enclosed map. For this reason, not every agent will shine on the map. However, the new map rotation will include Split in an upcoming update. If you need more information about Top 5 VALORANT Best Agents To Play On Split Map  then read carefully and don’t forget to share with your friends.



Flashers are important on all maps, but they dominate in Split. Skye is one of the best flashers to pick for split, as her birds are difficult to dodge around the map’s sharp corners. Enemies can barely react to a bird chirping in their face. Paired with a Duelist, Sky can help with a bombardment with minimal damage. His tiger ensures that close angles are free of mercenaries, and the team can quickly spike.This agent can help her duelist in fighting against weak and blind enemies on defense.

4) killjoy


Sentinels as an agent category are in my opinion a must-pick for the map, The map is known to have small entryways which can be entirely blocked by sentinel utility, using the swamp grenades on KJ combined with her turret can let her take care of B site entirely. KJ with her can make site retakes very easy for her team and is a great pick overall for this map.

3) jett

jett icebox

The primary operator agent for this map will be Jett who can take advantage of small tunnel entry points of the map and can stop an enemy rush or at least bait out a lot of utility from the opponents, also while attacking she can use her dash ability to create space for her team and serves the primary role of attacking for her team. Jett can be the deciding factor between a win or a loss and is especially a force to be reckoned with on this map.

2) raze


The best choice for the duelist role on Split is Raze. With Split’s tight corners and spaces, Raze will excel with flying colors.

The ability kit of Raze is perfect for clearing corners and tight spaces. Raze’s boom bot excels at gathering information, and there are many angles where the enemies could be hiding in a map like Split.

Raze’s grenades and ultimate ability will surely net you a kill if you point it in the right direction, given how small Split is. If you want to go fancy with your entries, it is easier to double satchel your way into the site on Split.

1) omen

omen split

Omen with his renewable smokes can help hold the site on defence and fake attacks while attacking, overall the passageways and entry points being small also help his smokes flourish more, and having bigger brimstone smokes have no advantage for the map. His teleport ability combined with the verticality of the map also leads him to perform almost like a duelist in some cases and his blind is also very effective for team executions for both entry and site retakes. Overall he is the best smoker agent for this map and is also proficient in getting his own kills.


Top 5 picks for FRACTURE

Fracture is one of the most competitive maps in VALORANT, and it presents players with unique challenges and opportunities for strategic gameplay. One of the key factors that can give players an advantage on this map is choosing the right agent to play. With a big variety of agents to choose from, each with their own set of abilities, it can be difficult to know which ones are the best agents on Fracture.

In this article, we will explore some of the best VALORANT agents to play on the Fracture map, analyzing their strengths and weaknesses and offering tips on how to use them to dominate your opponents.

Here is the list of best 5 agents that can bee preferred to play on the map of FRACTURE : 

5) cypher


A Sentinel like Cypher can be a game-changer when it comes to securing rounds on Defense. The Trapwire can be placed at entrances like A main or B main to monitor if an enemy is pushing. Whereas the Cyber Cage can act like Smoke, and you can create one way using the same.

The Spycam is another vital piece of utility that Cypher possesses, and you can utilize it to have a visual view and tag opponents. The ultimate will benefit immensely as well, and knowing the locations of opponents in a situation like 1vs2 or 1vs1 can help you clutch out.

4) neon

Top 5 picks for FRACTURE

Neon,duelist can be very impactful in a quick-paced, aggressive playing style. The agent’s High Gear enables you to move quickly across the map, and you can use the Slide with the right-click to make it harder for the opponents to shoot at you.

Besides that, the Relay Bolt is exceptional and can stun opponents camping inside hard to clear out angles like Bottom Site on A, Tower on B, etc. The Fast Lane ability will be very advantageous too, as you try to enter a site as the Wall it creates offers a relatively secure entrance.

Also, the Overdrive ultimate can be used when you don’t have enough money to make an appropriate purchase. It can tremendously damage opponents and allow you to get a few kills.

3) raze


Raze is undoubtedly the best Duelist your team can opt for while playing Fracture. Her abilities can deal tremendous damage, and the flights you can make using the Blast Packs are perfect for making an entry into a site.

You can use her grenade, i.e., Paint Shells, to clear out enemies at A site, B Tower, B Generator, and other locations. In addition, the Boombot can aid in knowing whether there’s an enemy close by while you are rushing the A site through tunnels. Speaking of the Showstopper ultimate, it can enable you to get some frags if you use it appropriately.

2) brimstone


Brimstone’s (controller) remarkable abilities fit well on Fracture, which is why he is so popular amongst the community on the map. With three smokes at your disposal, you can conveniently cover multiple locations during site commitment while saving one for post-plant scenarios.

Additionally, the Stim Beacon can be deployed while rushing with the team, allowing you to make swift plays through A Door with SMGs. The Incendiary will also prove beneficial, and you can use Brimstone’s ultimate during after-plant situations to take down the opponent defusing and ensure a round win.

1) breach

Top 5 picks for FRACTURE

Breach has established himself as the go-to Initiator on the Fracture map in Valorant, as evidenced by the many professional teams that use him during tournaments. He can be a nuisance to play against; thus, you must consider playing the particular agent.

Breach’s flashes and Fault Line ability are particularly effective in the narrow corridors of the map, including the A entrance and Arcade. At the same time, his Aftershock can clear out enemies in proximity.

Moreover, Rolling Thunder is among the most powerful ultimate for this map, and given the compact size of the sites, it can be used to enter or retake them swiftly.


Top 5 picks for ASCENT

Ascent was the first map that the publisher released when Valorant was officially launched. The map was accompanied by the release of Reyna during the global launch of Valorant. It is almost three years old at this point after being released on 2nd June 2020. Notably, the map that is specifically meant for players to practice their gunplay – The Range – is also part of the floating map of Ascent. However, the Range is a much smaller island. Riot Games, while talking about Ascent, said that the map’s development took close to five years as it continued to evolve along with the game itself.

Here are the Top 5 best agents to play in Ascent :

5) astra


Astra is one of the premier Controllers in the game. She is the go-to choice for a controller on any map not named Icebox or Breeze, where Viper takes over. In any elo of Valorant, you can never go wrong with Astra as your controller. 

Her global map presence holds a lot of value, especially with smoke orbs that last a lot of time, which enables other agents to collect more information. Her defensive utility goes on full display on this map with two strong CC abilities and an Ultimate that can completely change a round.

4) killjoy


She is one of the best at defending the lane on the B site, due to the insane amounts of utility and damages her abilities have. With proper placement, you can slow down the enemies’ push anywhere.

Her ultimate can cover the entirety of both sites while being placed safely, and she can do all of this on her own. Killjoy is certainly the premier sentinel who can dominate Ascent. She;’s also one of the best agents to use in a solo queue.

3) raze


With her being a mobile and fast entry fragger, Raze is a natural counter to a defensively structured map like Ascent. Her explosive entrances are necessary for entering a site stacked with controllers, and her Satchel is a great tool for that purpose.

Although nerfed, her BoomBot can still give valuable information to help determine the placement of her enemies. Raze’s grenades are also a valuable utility to clear out the nooks and crannies of Ascent. 

2) jett

jett icebox

With the map having some of the longest sightlines in the game, Jett is extremely deadly in Ascent. With Jett’s mobility, a Jett defending with an Operator can easily take over the game. 

Allowing her to play in open areas where she can free fire is deadly. Even more with her dash alone that gives her a ton of options for aggressive defender angles. 

On attack, rushing sites with smokes and making the most of bad situations are the trademarks of Jett. With her ultimate among the strongest in the game, a skilled Jett player can easily take over Ascent.

1) sova

sova ascent

It should come as no surprise that Sova is probably one of the best agents for Ascent. Apart from the crazy amounts of utility and information gathering he provides. Another reason for Sova being so dominant on Ascent is the walls.

Most of the time when you spot your enemies, you can shoot them through a wall before they have time to react. Additionally, the angles on the entrances to the spike sites are so favorable to his Recon Bolt that he can almost clear the entire site with proper placement.


Top 5 picks for ICEBOX

Icebox was the fifth map that Riot Games introduced to Valorant, and it was made available in the game with patch 1.10 in October 2020. Per the game’s lore, this arctic-themed map is based on a Russian island on Alpha Earth.

It was the first map to include horizontal zip lines, and the developers have made several changes to Icebox since its release to ensure that the gameplay is enjoyable. To excel and perform better on it, you must select agents best suited to the map. If you are looking for the finest agents to use on Icebox, check out the ones in this list.

5) KILLjoy


Killjoy is a sentinel agent that is ideal for players who like to play defensively. Her turret can also cover key areas of the map, alerting her team to enemy movements. The alarm bot can also detect enemy movements, giving her team advanced warning of incoming flanks. 

Killjoy’s ultimate ability, the Lockdown, can cover the whole site making things easier in retakes and attacks. Killjoy is undoubtedly an excellent choice for players who prefer a more strategic, defensive style of play.

4) sage

Top 5 picks for ICEBOX

Sage is a support agent that is ideal for Valorant Icebox’s more strategic gameplay. Her healing ability makes her an essential ally in battles. Even more, her wall ability allows your team to safely plant the spike with little contention.

Her ultimate ability, Resurrection, allows her to bring a fallen teammate back to life, which can turn the tide of a round. Sage’s abilities undoubtedly make her an invaluable asset to any team on Icebox, where strategic gameplay is essential to success.

3) SOva

sova ascent

Sova is a recon agent that is highly effective on maps like Valorant Icebox, where gathering information is crucial. His recon arrow ability allows him to reveal enemy positions, making it easier for his team to plan their attacks. 

His shock dart can damage enemies or force them out of hiding spots. Sova’s ultimate ability, the Hunter’s Fury, also sends out three waves of energy that damage enemies through walls. Sova’s abilities make him an excellent choice for players who prefer a more tactical style of play.

2) jett

jett icebox

Jett is a highly mobile agent that is ideal for Valorant Icebox’s fast-paced gameplay. Her updraft ability allows her to jump onto high ledges, giving her an excellent vantage point over the map. 

You can also use Updraft to escape, making it an invaluable tool when navigating tight spaces on Icebox. 

Jett’s tailwind ability allows her to move quickly, which is essential when rotating to different parts of the map. Her ultimate ability, the Blade Storm, is the cherry on top of Jett’s kit. Jett is an excellent choice for players who prefer a high-risk, high-reward style of play.

1) Viper


Viper is a controller agent that excels on maps like Icebox Valorant, where controlling space is essential. Her toxic screen ability allows her to block off areas of the map. Viper’s wall is particularly effective in Icebox Valorant. You can use her poison cloud to force enemies out of hiding spots or to prevent them from advancing. 

Viper’s ultimate ability, the Viper’s Pit, creates a poisonous cloud that damages enemies and obscures their vision. Viper’s abilities are highly effective on Icebox, where controlling space is critical to winning rounds.


Valorant Challenger South Asia (VCL) 2023

The highly anticipated Valorant Challengers League (VCL) 2023: South Asia is finally about to commence with its Split 1, enthralling the esports community with plenty of high-octane action.

A total of ten teams from across the region will be participating in this league, fighting hard for a chance to qualify for the Valorant Champions Tour (VCT) 2023: Pacific/APAC Ascension, in an effort to grab the lion’s share of the massive total prize pool of more than INR 1.15 Crore ($139,098 USD).

VCL 2023 is set to take place from 18th March to 22nd April.

Valorant Challenger South Asia (VCL) 2023

Valorant Challengers League 2023 South Asia: Complete Details

After a lot of speculations and rumors, things have settled down and complete details for the tournament have been released by the organizers, NODWIN Gaming.

Invited and Qualified Teams

Out of the ten participating teams, seven teams have been handed a direct invite where as three teams have qualified for the tournament through the open qualifier.

They have been further divided into two groups of five teams each for the initial league stage.

Group A

  1. Velocity Gaming – Direct
  2. Gods Reign – Direct
  3. GodLike Esports – Direct
  4. True Rippers Esports – Direct
  5. MLT Esports – Qualified

Group B

  1. Orangutan – Direct
  2. Reckoning Esports – Direct
  3. Lethal Esports – Direct
  4. Aster Army – Qualified
  5. Medal Esports – Qualified

Results and Schedule

  • League Stage: 18th March to 9th April
  • Playoffs: 14th to 22nd April

League Stage

Group A

PositionTeamMatchesWin-LossMaps (W-L)Rounds (W-L)Round Difference
1Velocity Gaming44-08-0108-6147
2Gods Reign43-16-3108-7533
3True Rippers42-25-590-107-17
4MLT Esports41-32-683-112-29
5GodLike Esports40-41-887-121-34

Group B

PositionTeamMatchesWin-LossMaps (W-L)Rounds (W-L)Round Difference
2Aster Army42-26-4105-9510
3Reckoning Esports42-25-499-972
4Medal Esports42-25-6115-124-9
5Lethal Esports40-41-865-116-51

Group Matches

MatchDateTime (IST)GroupMap 1Map 2Map 3Winner
OG vs Lethal18 Mar19:00BHaven | 13-1Fracture | 13-4Ascent | –Orangutan | 2-0
Gods vs VLT19 Mar19:00AHaven | 11-13Pearl | 11-13Split | –Velocity Gaming | 2-0
TR vs MLT20 Mar19:00AAscent | 13-7Haven | 13-11Pearl | –True Rippers | 2-0
AA vs Medal22 Mar19:00BAscent | 13-7Pearl | 4-13Haven | 9-13Medal Esports | 2-1
MLT vs GodL23 Mar19:00AAscent | 13-11Haven | 22-20Pearl | –MLT Esports | 2-0
Lethal vs RGE24 Mar19:00BPearl | 6-13Ascent | 5-13Icebox | –Reckoning Esports | 2-0
Gods vs GodL25 Mar21:00AHaven | 13-6Pearl | 13-6Split | –Gods Reign | 2-0
OG vs AA26 Mar21:00BHaven | 13-11Ascent | 5-13Icebox | 13-3Orangutan | 2-1
VLT vs TR27 Mar21:00AHaven | 13-2Icebox | 13-2Pearl | –Velocity Gaming | 2-0
Medal vs OG29 Mar19:00BFracture | 5-13Icebox | 13-9Haven | 4-13Orangutan | 2-1
MLT vs Gods30 Mar19:00AHaven | 8-13Pearl | 2-13Ascent | –Gods Reign | 2-0
AA vs Lethal31 Mar19:00BAscent | 13-9Pearl | 13-7Split | –Aster Army | 2-0
GodL vs VLT01 Apr21:00AHaven | 3-13Ascent | 12-14Split | –Velocity Gaming | 2-0
Medal vs RGE02 Apr21:00BPearl | 15-17Lotus | 7-13Ascent | –Reckoning Esports | 2-0
TR vs Gods03 Apr21:00AHaven | 8-13Pearl | 13-8Icebox | 6-13Gods Reign | 2-1
RGE vs AA05 Apr19:00BSplit | 6-13Icebox | 9-13Pearl | –Aster Army | 2-0
VLT vs MLT06 Apr19:00AHaven | 13-6Pearl | 16-14Icebox | –Velocity Gaming | 2-0
Lethal vs Medal07 Apr19:00BLotus | 10-13Haven | 14-12Pearl | 9-13Medal Esports | 2-1
TR vs GodL08 Apr21:00AHaven | 13-11Ascent | 7-13Pearl | 13-5True Rippers | 2-1
RGE vs OG09 Apr21:00BAscent | 11-13Fracture | 14-12Icebox | 3-13Orangutan | 2-1


MatchDateTime (IST)StageMap 1Map 2Map 3Winner
AA vs TR14 Apr19:00UB QF – 1Haven | 10-13Lotus | 5-13Ascent | –True Rippers | 2-0
Gods vs RGE15 Apr21:00UB QF – 2Icebox | 13-11Ascent | 6-13Lotus | 9-13Reckoning Esports | 2-1
OG vs RGE16 Apr21:00UB SF – 1Ascent | 13-9Split | 13-7Pearl | –Orangutan | 2-0
VLT vs TR17 Apr19:00UB SF – 2Pearl | 13-6Split | 11-13Haven | 10-13True Rippers | 2-1
RGE vs AA18 Apr19:00LB QF – 1Ascent | 14-16Lotus | 13-6Haven | 9-13Aster Army | 2-1
VLT vs Gods20 Apr21:00LB QF – 2Ascent | 13-6Pearl | 11-13Lotus | 10-13Gods Reign | 2-1
AA vs Gods21 Apr15:30LB SFAscent | 14-12Haven | 6-13Pearl | 5-13Gods Reign | 2-1
TR vs OG21 Apr19:00UB FinalPearl | 6 – 13Icebox | 1 – 13Haven | –Orangutan | 2-0
Gods vs TR22 Apr21:00LB FinalHaven | 13-9Ascent | 13 – 2Lotus | –Gods Reign | 2-0

Grand Final

MatchDateTime (IST)Map 1Map 2Map 3Map 4Map 5Winner
OG vs Gods23 Apr21:00Icebox | 13-10Haven |18-16Split | 13-4Pearl | –Ascent | –Orangutan | 3-0


League Stage

  1. The ten participating teams have been split into two groups of five teams each.
  2. Both the groups will be following a single round-robin format, i.e. each team will take on the other teams in the same group once.
  3. All the matches that are a part of this stage will be following a best-of-three format.
  4. The top three teams from both groups will qualify for the next stage. The winners shall directly qualify for the upper bracket semifinals while the other four teams shall advance to the upper bracket quarterfinals.


  1. The top six teams will face each other in a double elimination bracket.
  2. All the matches will feature a best-of-three format except for the grand final which will host a best-of-five match.
  3. The winning team shall go on to represent the South Asian region in the VCT 2023: Pacific/APAC Ascension.
VCL 2023 South Asia - English and Hindi Talents


The total prizepool : $40,000 USD

PositionStatusPrize Money (USD)Team(s)
1Split 2$14,000TBD
2Split 2$8,000TBD
3Split 2$6,000TBD
4Split 2$4,000TBD
5Split 2$2,000Velocity Gaming
6Split 2$2,000Reckoning Esports
7Split 2$1,000MLT Esports
8Split 2$1,000Medal Esports
9Split 2$1,000GodLike Esports
10Split 2$1,000Lethal Esports