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skyesports masters

AMD and Microsoft partners with SkyEsports for their upcoming tournament SKYESPORTS MASTER.

Indian esports and gaming company Skyesports has announced a partnership with hardware brand AMD and technology corporation Microsoft

As a result, AMD and Microsoft’s Windows 11 brand will sponsor the Skyesports Masters CS:GO tournament.

Skyesports, the leading esports tournament organizer in South Asia, has recently announced a partnership with AMD and Windows 11 for the upcoming Skyesports Masters tournament in Mumbai, India. The tournament will feature eight franchised teams competing in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) for a record-breaking prize pool of Rs. 2 Crores, making it the biggest gaming event in India’s history.

AMD, a renowned multinational semiconductor company, will power the tournament with its cutting-edge technology and products. As the powered-by sponsor, AMD will offer an immersive gaming experience to the players and fans, both in India and beyond. Mukesh Bajpai, the Marketing Head of AMD India, expressed excitement about the partnership, stating that AMD’s latest technology and powerful range of gaming products will elevate the gameplay to unparalleled heights.

Windows 11, the world’s leading operating system, will enhance the visual and gaming experience of the tournament. With advanced features like Auto HDR and Direct Storage, Windows 11 will provide a seamless gaming experience to the athletes. Bhaskar Basu, the Head of Modern Work at Microsoft India, expressed excitement about being a part of India’s first franchised esports league and bringing the joy of gaming to players across India.

The Skyesports Masters tournament provides an ideal platform for both brands to showcase their products to a highly engaged gaming audience. As the tournament’s CEO, Shiva Nandy, expressed his excitement about having AMD and Windows 11 as partners, emphasizing the need to provide the players with the best infrastructure for competing in the league.

Shiva Nandy, Founder and CEO, Skyesports on bringing on AMD and Microsoft as powered by sponsors:

“We are thrilled to have AMD and Windows 11 with us for India’s biggest gaming tournament, the Skyesports Masters. We need to provide the players with the best infrastructure for competing in the league, and with the power of AMD and Windows 11 have aced that. The franchised esports league includes a long LAN event in Mumbai offering brands an ideal place to not only show their products but also connect with the audience on the ground as well.”




Valorant Challenger League(VCL) 2023 SA Split-2

The second South Asia Split of the Valorant Challengers League 2023 (VCL 2023: SA Split 2) will include some of the top teams and athletes that the region is capable of producing.

The $100,000 USD (INR 81,74,550) total prize pool will be divided among all competitors based on their final standings. The winner will also have the opportunity to compete in the Valorant Challengers Ascension 2023: Pacific.

Here is all the information you need to get started with this elite regional Valorant league, which will run from April 29 to June 11.

Teams :

  • Orangutan
  1. Sabyasachi “Antidote” Bose (IGL)
  2. Akram “Rawfiul” Virani
  3. Rishi “RvK” Vijayakumar
  4. Azis “azys” Nandang
  5. Jm “tesseract” Ignacio
  6. Rajiv “LeVi” Satpute (Sub)
  7. Mathanraj “theDoctorr” Munisparan (Coach)
  • Velocity Gaming
  1. Sagnik “Hellff” Roy
  2. Debanjan “DEATHMAKER” Das
  3. Karan “Excali” Mhaswadkar
  4. Domagoj “Doma” Fancev
  5. Adam “ec1s” Eccles (IGL)
  6. Anuj “Amaterasu” Sharma (Sub)
  7. David “Dav” Miljanić (Coach)
  • Reckoning Esports
  1. Harsh “Harshhh” Arora (IGL)
  2. Saksham “Deadly10” Aurangabadkar
  3. Jit “Tryst” Dutta
  4. Daniil “flabben” Merzlyakov
  5. Aleksandr “hvoya” Eremin
  6. Varun “Mast3r” Menon(Sub)
  7. Evgeny “esavgabiN” Savgabin (Coach)
  • Revenant Esports
  1. Tejas ‘rite2ace’ Sawant (IGL)
  2. Joshua “JoshS” Miles Santos
  3.  Enrico “Ching” Perez
  4. Shailesh “blackhawk” Dalvi
  5. Kasif “Paradox” Sayyed
  6. Sahil “1TaPGoD” Duble (Sub)
  • MLT Esports
  1. Abhay “KnightRider” Mulchandani
  2. Atharv “Rio” Ahire (IGL)
  3. Jay “BADlove” Patil
  4. Venkatesh “Venka” Sharma
  5. Shubham “CortezZ” Chhatre
  6. Saharyar “BadmaN” Shaikh (Sub)
  7. Malav “Rexdreams” Popat (Coach)
  • True Rippers
  1. Saaransh “Whimp” Dang (IGL)
  2. Shravana “Techno ” Sahoo
  3. Chogyal “Kaizen” Bhutia
  4. Philip “Aryu” Vergara
  5. Nereus “d1srupt” Lico
  6. Aditya “Pixelzz” Gulhane(Sub)
  7. Francis “Rabbet” Buñag (Coach)
  • Medal Esports
  1. Rishabh “Ezzy” Gupta
  2. Tanmay “FOX” Verma
  3. Prish “tricky” Valvani
  4. Emmanuel “jEEE” Buenavidez
  5. Oscar “Kakarot” Jr. (IGL)
  6. Sameer “godvexy” Sharma
  7. Daivik “DcRulz” Chauhan 
  8. Vikrant “Hacker” Pujari
  • God’s Reign
  1. Vibhor “Vibhor” Vaid (IGL)
  2. Simar “psy” Sethi
  3. Aman “Hoax” Yadav
  4. Nick “tixx” Quinn
  5. Kale “autumn” Dunne
  6. Garvit “Ember” Nehra(Sub)
  7. Abhishek “GodSpeed” Bajaj(Coach)
  • Aster Army
  1. Hrishikesh “DominiK” Khedkar
  2. Soumyadeep “DOXZ3R” Dey
  3. Ngô “Kishi” Huy
  4. Agneya “Marzil” Kaushik (IGL)
  5. Lee “Wink” Zhen Yong
  6. Pranav “Kohliii” Kohli (Sub)
  7. Sami “SSSami” Ar Rahman (Sub)
  8. Lakshay “Vandelek” Singh (Coach)
  • Godlike Esports
  1. Tejas “Rexy” Kotian
  2. Norbu “Karam1L” Tsering
  3. Shakir “hikkA” Razak
  4. Franz “Astro” del Rosario
  5. Jude Patrick “Zey” Gunhuran
  6. Jayesh “Kibo” Negi

Schedule and Results

VCL 2023: South Asia Split 2 is scheduled to take place from 29th April to 11th June. The league has been split into two parts, Group Stage and Playoffs.

  • Group Stage: 29th April to 21st May
  • Playoffs: 1st to 11th June

League Stage

Group A :

PositionTeamMatchesWin-LossMaps (W-L)Rounds (W-L)Round Difference
2Revenant Esports11-02-140-373
3Velocity Gaming21-12-235-41-6
4Reckoning Esports10-10-214-26-12
5MLT Esports30-31-661-92-31

Group B :

PositionTeamMatchesWin-LossMaps (W-L)Rounds (W-L)Round Difference
1True Rippers Esports11-02-027-216
2Aster Army11-02-129-281
3Gods Reign32-15-391-6922
4GodLike Esports10-11-226-37-11
5Medal Esports20-20-435-53-18


MatchDateTime (IST)GroupMap 1Map 2Map 3Winner
MDL vs TR29 Apr20:00BAscent | 9-13Lotus | 12-14Haven | –True Rippers Esports | 2-0
MLT vs RNT30 Apr20:00ASplit|16-14Bind|10-13Fracture|11-13Revenant Esports | 2-1
Gods vs GodL1 May19:00AHaven|13-6Ascent|11-13Fracture| 13-7God’s Reign | 2-1
RGE vs OG3 May19:00BHaven | 8-13Fracture | 6-13Pearl | –Orangutan | 2-0
OG vs MLT4 May19:00ASplit | 13-7Ascent | 13-2Fracture | –Orangutan | 2-0
AA vs Gods5 May19:00BSplit | 3-13Peral | 13-7Haven | 13-8Aster Army | 2-1
OG vs VLT6 May20:00AHaven | 13-2Ascent | 13-7Bind | –Orangutan | 2-0
Gods vs MDL7 May20:00BHaven | 13-8Pearl | 13-6Lotus | –God’s Reign | 2-0
MLT vs VLT8 May19:00APearl | 5-13Split | 10-13Ascent | –Velocity Gaming | 2-0
GodL vs MDL10 May19:00B
TR vs Gods11 May19:00A
RNT vs OG12 May19:00B
VLT vs RNT13 May20:00A
RGE vs MLT14 May20:00B
TR vs AA15 May20:00A
VLT vs RGE17 May19:00B
MDL vs AA18 May19:00A
GodL vs TR19 May19:00B
AA vs GodL20 May20:00A
RNT vs RGE21 May19:00B


MatchDateTime (IST)StageMap 1Map 2Map 3Winner
TBD2 Jun19:00UB QF – 1
TBD3 Jun20:00UB QF – 2
TBD4 Jun20:00UB SF – 1
TBD5 Jun19:00UB SF – 2
TBD6 Jun19:00LB QF – 1
TBD7 Jun19:00LB QF – 2
TBD8 Jun19:00LB SF
TBD9 Jun19:00UB Final
TBD10 Jun20:00LB Final

Grand Finals

MatchDateTime (IST)Map 1Map 2Map 3Map 4Map 5Winner
TBD11 Jun20:00

Prize Pool

The total prize pool of $100,000 USD will be split between all the ten competing teams but only the winner will be moving ahead to the Pacific Ascension, where it will take on the best teams from across the APAC (Asia Pacific) region.

PositionStatusPrize Money (USD)Team(s)
1Pacific AscensionTBDTBD


This tournament shall be broadcasted live by NODWIN Gaming in English across four streaming platforms – Twitch, YouTube, Facebook, and Loco.


battle adda

Battle Adda: Qualified Teams, Standings , Prize Pool

The league stages of the Battle Adda – New State tournament organized by KRAFTON have come to a close, with the top 16 teams qualifying for the grand finals. The event features an impressive prize pool of 10 lakhs, which will be distributed among the winning teams based on their grand final rankings.
The Grand Finals Will take place from April 29 to April 30th. The top 16 teams from the league stages will battle it out in a series of 12 matches over the two-day event, with six matches taking place each day.

League Stage

PositionTeamMatches PlayedWWCDFinish PointsTotal Points
1OR Esports122110253.5
2Revenant Esports123124234.5
3Gods Reign120113234
5MidWave Esports12178179.5
6Team Mavi12294177.5
7Team Atom12183166.5
8Velocity Gaming12169153.5
9Big Brother 12278145.5
10Team Insane 12268135.5
11Marcos Gaming12160126
12True Rippers12058120
14Hyderabad Hydras12151117.5
154 Ever Esports12055115
16Team Genesis12158108
17Global Esports1213996
18Bad Devils1214192
19Team Tamilas1203386.5
20Try Hard1213981
21Enigma Gaming1204476
22Chief YT1204776
23XO UDA1203965.5
24Celsius Esports1201965
25Zero Gravity1212760
26Hell Esports1202357.5
27TWOB 1202457
28Team ZCKL1202956.5
29Reckoning Esports1203555.5
31UDOG India1203843.5
32ARK Esports1201835

Grand FInals

PositionTeamMatches PlayedWWCDFinish PointsTotal Points
1Revenant Esports12280158
2Hyderabad Hydras12282151
3S8UL Esports12148135
4Marcos Gaming12049125
5Team Mavi12257120.5
6Team ATOM12154114.5
7OR Esports12156114
8GodLike Esports12059113
9Team Genesis1215896.5
10MidWave Esports1203391.5
12Big Brother Esports1214886
13Team Insane 1203371.5
15Velocity Gaming1202033
164Ever Esports1201427.5

Battle Adda : Prize Distribution

₹1,000,000 INR (≃ $12,199 USD) are spread among the participants as seen below:

Place INR Team Name
1₹500,000Revenant Esports
2₹200,000Hyderabad Hydras
3₹100,000S8UL Esports

Battle Adda : Prize Distribution

Captain Cool₹50,000S8ULOpticgod
Most headshot finishes₹50,000ORRithvii

Link To Watch Battle Adda Live

Top 5 Picks For LOTUS in Valorant

samsung bgmi


BATTLEGROUND MOBILE INDIA, one of the most popular game in INDIA was banned in the First week of July 2022.Since then the whole Indian Gaming Community is eagerly waiting for its comeback.

BGMI might Return in Q2 2023, Says Krafton as Per Samsung Securities Report

According to a recent report published by Samsung Securities on South Korean game publisher Krafton, the re-release of Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) is imminent. Samsung Securities anticipates the game’s service will resume in Q2 of 2023 (April 1 – June 30) and that the company is refraining from marketing the game’s early stages return to avoid provoking the Indian government.

The report was a company update written by a senior analyst at Samsung Securities focused on the “Internet Game” sector.

From the report:

“PUBG Mobile India expected to resume in Q2: The company expects PUBG Mobile’s India (BGMI) service, which was suspended in July 2022, to resume from Q2. BGMI recorded sales of around KRW 30 billion in the quarter before the service was discontinued, so when the game resumes, it is expected to contribute to a rebound in mobile sales. However, as the company is refraining from marketing in the early stages to avoid provoking the Indian government, sales are expected to gradually normalize,” reads the relevant portion of the report.

Samsung Securities is a financial services company and a subsidiary of South Korean technology company Samsung Group—it is also one of the biggest securities firms in the country. In January, Samsung Securitieshad cut Krafton’s stock to a “neutral” rating based on a bearish earnings outlook.

In March, News18 reported that the popular battle royale title might return “very soon” to “e-stores” (likely a reference to Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store). According to News18, the ban would be lifted for a limited time of three months, with certain changes made to the original version of the game. 

Additionally, the report suggested that the game would have play time restrictions and would not include blood—meaning that the color would be changed. Apart from these gameplay changes, the government also reportedly asked Krafton “to introduce relevant changes in the game, including the server” due to potential cases of addiction and associated incidents of violence and self-harm among players that have made headlines in Indian mainstream media.

Moreover, The report also disclosed that the game had earned a significant revenue of 183 Crores before its suspension, indicating its immense popularity.

Furthermore, the report suggests that the game’s relaunch will not involve any initial promotional activities to avoid triggering any negative reactions from the Indian government.

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Top 10 Indian Valorant Players

MAVI Prohibited From Playing T1 BGMI Scrims

MAVI Prohibited From Playing T1 BGMI Scrims

Recently, Hydra Hrishav stated that HYDRA ESPORTS‘ slot in T1 lobby were cancelled due to lack of achievements. And now MAVI, was also refused to get slot in T1 lobbies saying that he doesn’t have enough achievements.

Mavi’s former teammate Ultron noted that there were multiple teams that were not fulfilling the said rule but were allowed to play in the exact same scrim.

MAVI and ULTRON claims ‘POLITICS’ in T1 Scrims

Recently MAVI was livestreaming with ULTRON.During their live stream, MAVI stated that his slot in BGMI Tier-1 scrims were cancelled due to lack of achievments. Due to this MAVI was playing with team 8BIT for a time being as one of their player 8BIT BEAST was ill.

Notably, Mavi is one of the most accomplished players in the BGMI community with a plethora of achievements to his name, including a third-place finish in the PUBG Mobile Club Open 2019 – Spring Split: India, second place finish in the PUBG Mobile India Tour 2019, and more. His most notable achievement is the second-place finish on the international stage of PUBG Mobile World League 2020: East.

mavi achievements

He further explained that the Tier-1 scrims had the rule that all players in a team must be Tier-1 players, but his team had only two players – him and Ultron. He added that they had planned to pick two random players.

Following this, Ultron noted that in the same scrim (custom room), there were multiple teams that were not fulfilling the said rule that all teams must have all Tier-1 players but were still allowed to play. Ultron stated that this is called “politics” and not rules. He went on to name a bunch of teams in the scrim that had multiple players who were not Tier-1.

Before this incident, Hydra Esports’ creator HYDRA HRISHAV also shared that HYDRA esports BGMI team were also prohibited from getting a slot in Tier-1 scrims and stated that their are internal politics going on in BGMI Scrims. Hrishav stated that despite having achievements and being a deserving team, the scrim organizers were not giving Hydra Esports a slot in the scrims. He explained that when he tried to approach the scrim organizers to discuss the situation, there was a lack of transparency in team selection, and some organizers also ignored him.

Link to The video




In a startling turn of events, Dead by Daylight Mobile has been banned in India by the country’s government. On March 15, Behaviour Interactive and NetEase launched an enhanced version of the game globally for Android and iOS smartphones. The news regarding the game’s removal from both mobile platforms was revealed by the official Twitter account of Dead by Daylight Mobile. The company stated:

“To stay in line with the interim order from the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology in India, we will be removing Dead by Daylight Mobile from the Storefronts. Once it is removed, players in India will no longer be able to access and play Dead by Daylight Mobile.”

The Indian government has banned several games and hundreds of Chinese apps previously over concerns about data security and privacy. Tencent, NetEase, and Alibaba, among other tech companies, had apps banned. Dead by Daylight Mobile may have been banned due to similar reasons, although it is not clear whether any in-game data from the game was transferred to servers in China.

The Indian government has not issued an official statement about the Dead by Daylight Mobile ban. Behaviour Interactive has not revealed any plans about bringing the game back to India. The developer has said that they will update fans as soon as possible about the status of the game in India.

In conclusion, the removal of Dead by Daylight Mobile from storefronts in India is due to an interim order issued by the MeitY. The ban is thought to be related to data security and privacy concerns similar to those that led to the ban of other games like Free Fire and BGMI/PUBG Mobile. While those who already have the game downloaded may still be able to play, they will not receive automatic updates from Google Play Store and App Store. The Indian government has not yet issued an official statement about the ban, and Behaviour Interactive has not disclosed any plans to bring the game back to India.

VALORANT Champions Tour 2023: Pacific League

VALORANT Champions Tour 2023: Pacific League

The VCT Pacific League is set to commence with ten franchised teams from the Pacific region competing against each other. The League Play, which is the group stage, will be the first stage of the tournament, with the top six teams from the table advancing to the Playoffs.

In the Playoffs, the remaining teams will compete in a standard double elimination bracket to determine the top three teams that will qualify for Masters Tokyo. The VCT Pacific League is scheduled to start on March 25.


  • Regular Season: March 25th – May 16th, 2023
    • Single Round Robin
      • All matches are Bo3
    • Top 6 teams advance to Playoffs
    • Bottom 4 teams are eliminated
  • Playoffs: May 19th – 28th, 2023
    • 6 teams in a Double-Elimination bracket
      • All matches (excl. Lower Final and Grand Final) are Bo3
      • Lower Final and Grand Final are Bo5
    • Top 3 teams will advance to Masters and Champions

The Total Prize pool Of the Event is $250,000

1Masters + Champions$100,000TBD
2Masters + Champions$65,000TBD
3Masters + Champions$40,000TBD
4Last Chance Qualifier$25,000TBD
5Last Chance Qualifier$15,000TBD
6Last Chance Qualifier$5,000TBD
7Last Chance QualifierN/ATBD
8Last Chance QualifierN/ATBD
9Last Chance QualifierN/ATBD
10Last Chance QualifierN/ATBD
vct 2023 pacific league
VALORANT Champions Tour 2023: Pacific League

League Stage Overall Rankings :

PositionTeamMatchesWin-LossMaps (W-L)Rounds (W-L)Round Difference
2Paper Rex75-211-6197-15740
4Gen.G Esports74-39-7163-1612
5ZETA DIVISION74-38-9182-187-5
6Team Secret63-37-8164-1622
7Global Esports62-47-8165-1623
8Rex Regum Qeon62-46-8133-150-17
9Talon Esports72-56-10147-186-39
10DetonatioN FocusMe60-62-12121-169-48

League Stage Weekly Matches :

ZETA vs DRX25 Mar14:30Ascent | 5-13Pearl | 5-13Haven | –DRX | 2-0
T1 vs GE25 Mar17:30Pearl | 13-8Haven | 4-13Lotus | 13-7 T1 | 2-1
PPRX vs DFM26 Mar14:30Pearl | 13-5Lotus | 13-11Fracture | –PPRX | 2-0
TS vs TLN26 Mar17:30Ascent | 13-5Icebox | 8-13Fracture | 13-3TS | 2-1
RRQ vs GEN27 Mar14:30Fracture | 9-13Lotus | 6-13Haven | –GEN | 2-0
ZETA vs RRQ1 Apr14:30Haven | 10-13Ascent | 13-10Lotus | 13-5ZETA | 2-1
TLN vs T11 Apr17:30Ascent | 8-13Haven | 6-13Lotus | –T1 | 2-0
TS vs PPRX2 Apr14:30Haven | 11-13Fracture | 13-11Split | 13-10TS | 2-1
GEN vs DFM2 Apr17:30Lotus | 13-8Fracture | 4-13Pearl | 13-8GEN | 2-1
GE vs DRX3 Apr14:30Haven | 11-13Split | 15-17Pearl | –DRX | 2-0
RRQ vs DFM8 Apr14:30Haven | 13-4Pearl | 13-7Ascent | –RRQ | 2-0
T1 vs PPRX8 Apr17:30Pearl | 3-13Fracture | 6-13Lotus | –PPRX | 2-0
ZETA vs GE9 Apr14:30Pearl | 9-13Ascent | 14-12Haven | 13-8ZETA | 2-1
TLN vs DRX9 Apr17:30Split | 3-13Pearl | 10-13Ascent | –DRX | 2-0
TS vs GEN10 Apr14:30Haven | 8-13Fracture | 11-13Lotus | –GEN | 2-0
PPRX vs DRX15 Apr14:30Ascent | 5-13Split | 10-13Fracture | –DRX | 2-0
TS vs RRQ15 Apr17:30Icebox | 10-13Split | 7-13Haven | –RRQ | 2-0
T1 vs GEN16 Apr14:30Ascent | 5-13Haven | 5-13Lotus | –GEN | 2-0
ZETA vs DFM16 Apr17:30Ascent | 13-9Haven | 13-5Pearl | –ZETA | 2-0
TLN vs GE17 Apr14:30Split | 6-13Icebox | 8-8Haven | 11-13GE | 2-0
PPRX vs GE22 Apr14:30Icebox | 7-13Split | 13-6Pearl | 13-7PPRX | 2-1
GEN vs DRX22 Apr17:30Haven | 7-13Fracture | 13-10Pearl | 4-13DRX | 2-1
T1 vs RRQ23 Apr14:30Haven | 13-9Fracture | 13-4Pearl | –T1 | 2-0
TS vs DFM23 Apr17:30Ascent | 13-11Haven | 13-8Fracture | –TS | 2-0
ZETA vs TLN24 Apr14:30Haven | 8-13Ascent | 14-16Split | –TLN | 2-0
T1 vs DFM29 Apr14:30Lotus | 13-9Split | 9-13Fracture | 13-10T1 | 2-1
ZETA vs TS29 Apr17:30Split | 13-9Lotus | 10-13Fracture | 13-9ZETA | 2-1
GE vs GEN30 Apr14:30Pearl | 13-8Lotus | 13-8Haven | –GE | 2-0
RRQ vs DRX30 Apr17:30Haven | 13-8Split | 10-13Pearl | 2-13DRX | 2-1
TLN vs PPRX1 May14:30Pearl | 13-11Split | 4-13Fracture | 10-13PPRX | 2-1
TLN vs GEN6 May14:30Fracture | 13-8Lotus | 13-7Haven | –TLN | 2-0
ZETA vs PPRX6 May17:30Split | 6-13Ascent | 10-13Lotus | –PPRX | 2-0
RRQ vs GE7 May14:30
TS vs T17 May17:30
DRX vs DFM8 May14:30
PPRX vs GEN12 May14:30
ZETA vs T112 May17:30
TS vs DRX13 May14:30
GE vs DFM13 May17:30
TLN vs RRQ14 May14:30
ZETA vs GEN14 May17:30
T1 vs DRX15 May14:30
TS vs GE15 May17:30
TLN vs DFM16 May14:30
RRQ vs PPRX16 May17:30


TBD19 May14:30UB QF
TBD19 May17:30UB QF
TBD20 May14:30UB SF
TBD20 May17:30UB SF
TBD21 May14:30LB QF
TBD21 May17:30LB QF
TBD22 May14:30UB Final
TBD22 May17:30LB SF
TBD27 May14:30LB Final
TBD28 May14:30Grand Final

The VCT 2023 Pacific League marks the congregation of the best talents, players, and teams that the APAC region has to offer. It is going to deliver weeks of exhilarating performances and top-notch Valorant action from all the partner teams, competing with an aim to achieve one of the three high stake slots that are up for grabs!


VALORANT's Features in CS:GO

VALORANT’s Features in CS:GO

The testing phase for the most awaited game Counter Strike 2 is officially been released by Valves Corporation for limited players. Valve’s Counter-Strike 2 promises to deliver better performance than any game in the franchise has done. Some famous YouTubers like shroud, Tarik, and Smooya got to play the game in the testing period and entertain the audience. Valve’s also confirmed that the final launch of CSGO -2 will be in the summer of 2023 for the fans.

During the stream of the various YouTubers, in the testing phase have noticed various new features that have been added by the developers. Smooya, a British pro player who recently played for the likes of BIG, Movistar Riders, and Fnatic, was one of the first to go live in CS2. He found a feature in CS-Go2 that has been reported borrowed from Valorant. Some of them are mentioned below:

Sound Radius Feature in Counter Strike 2

VALORANT's Features in CS:GO

CS Go 2 has introduced a new feature inspired by Valorant, which is a circle around a player’s icon on the minimap. It is believed that this circle represents the audio range of the player’s footsteps, as it disappears when the player moves or jumps silently. This feature is designed to provide players with a better understanding of their surroundings and their potential exposure to enemy players. Overall, this new addition is aimed at enhancing the gaming experience of CS Go 2 players.

Kill Indicator in HUD

The new feature in CS2, which introduces a stack of cards that appear in the middle of the HUD and increase by one for each kill made in the round, is different from previous versions of the game. This feature is not exactly taken from Valorant but it is inspired to an extent.

This feature provides players with a visual representation of their performance, allowing them to track their progress throughout the round. Additionally, earning an “ace” at five kills provides players with a sense of achievement and recognition, which was not present in previous versions of the game. Overall, this new feature enhances the gameplay experience for players and sets CS2 apart from previous versions.

Mortal shares his views on esports in Road To Valor : Empire

Mortal shares his views on esports in Road To Valor : Empire

Naman ‘MORTAL’ Mathur one of the most famous person in the gaming community of INDIA and the co-owner of S8UL , recently on his stream was seen discussing the possibility of Esports in Road to Valor: Empires. He further added that this game to an extent resembles the popular PC title Age of Empires and said it can also grow in eSports if given the right opportunities.

MortaL believes Road to Valor: Empires has the potential to become an esports title

S8UL, Indian esports organisation has announced a partnership with KRAFTON, makers of battle royale game – Battlegrounds Mobile India, for the Indian launch of their latest mobile game, Road to Valor: Empires. As per the company, this is a one-of-a-kind partnership in India between a developer and an esports organisation with an aim to boost the growth of the Indian gaming ecosystem.

As part of this partnership, S8UL Esports’ content creators have been actively streaming and playing Road to Valor: Empires on their livestreams. These content creators, including SCOUT,REGALTOS and PAYAL GAMING, expressed that they enjoyed the game and provided positive feedback.

In a recent livestream, MortaL was seen playing Road to Valor: Empires. While playing, a viewer asked him if the game had the potential to become an esports title. Responding to this, he revealed that he had been playing the game for a few days and expressed his belief that the game has the potential to become a popular esports title if given the right opportunity. “If given a chance, then definitely this game can be part of esports. Like, many of you might have previously played Age of Empires; this game features the same troops, almost similar, which is the best part,” he added.