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India’s Gaming Industry Is Poised To Take A Leap In Coming Years

India’s Gaming Industry Is Poised To Take A Leap In Coming Years

From Hobby To Career!!!

India’s rapidly growing $1.8 billion gaming market is fueled by mobile-first games.

India’s Gaming Industry Is Poised To Take A Leap In Coming Years


With around 420 million dynamic gamers and a digitally active audience of 500 million aged between 15-35, the Indian gaming industry has seen massive growth and teen involvement in recent years. Moreover, the industry saw a surge during the global pandemic. India is now poised to become one of the fastest-growing sectors in the global gaming industry. With one of the largest youth populations in the world, India is expected to be one of the leading markets in the gaming industry. Various reports show, after experiencing five years of continuous growth, the global gaming sector is projected to triple by 2025, reaching a staggering $3.9 billion.

India’s rapidly growing $1.8 billion gaming market is fueled by mobile-first games. A report by the Boston Consulting Group and Sequoia on India’s mobile gaming sector shows that more than 300 million Indians play mobile games, and the gaming sector as a whole has grown at a compound annual growth rate of 38 percent in 2019-2020 and 37 percent in the previous fiscal year. Industry leaders have outlined the future trajectory of the gaming business in India. The next phase of online gaming growth in India, driven by the accelerating adoption of 5G, Cloud Gaming, and Portable Gaming devices, among others, was highlighted at the second India Gaming Conference 2022, according to media reports.

With a plethora of new trends emerging in 2022, the gaming industry is set to undergo a metamorphosis. 2023 is a year of technological advancement and innovation in the skill-based gaming sector. Vernacular gaming is also expected to take off, and the industry will move beyond games as leisure or entertainment and become a powerful tool for impactful brand engagement.

The Indian gaming industry is flourishing and reaching new heights with advancements and innovations being introduced every day. A thorough analysis of how the industry is growing in different ways is easily accessible.

Indian Esports And Console Gaming

The Indian esports industry has been recognized by the Government of India as a significant part of multi-sport events, which will be overseen by the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports. This makes 2023 even more exciting for Indian esports. A recent study projects that the esports industry will grow to $4 billion by March 2027, compared to $1.1 billion in 2022. The rapidly growing young population, widespread smartphone use, and expanding economic spending are some of the factors that have contributed so far and will continue to do so in the future. 

Console gaming has recently become very popular in India. The introduction of cloud gaming platforms has revolutionised the gaming industry and is expected to have a significant impact on the sector as a whole.

A Potential Career Path

The Indian video game industry is thriving, with many gamers choosing it as a career option. Given the current rate of change in the business, the next generation can successfully choose it as a full-fledged career. Industry experts predict that the Indian gaming industry will create 10,000-12,000 direct and indirect jobs in 2023.

Social Impact Of Live Streaming

Live streaming and interactive engagement through social media are key drivers of the growth of mobile gaming. Viewers can directly interact with gamers and teams through dedicated streaming channels, and social media has enabled these connections to flourish. The widespread penetration of smartphones, primarily due to the pandemic, has also increased the number of network operators offering affordable data plans, making mobile gaming more accessible.

Looking at the unprecedented growth of this sunrise industry, the adoption of next-gen technology such as 5G, 360-degree video, augmented and virtual realities (AR and VR), and Web3 will play a critical role in its growth. The recent introduction of 5G in the Indian ecosystem is expected to have a significant impact on the gaming industry in India. It is clear from the statistics that the gaming industry is booming both as a hobby and a lucrative career in modern India and is expected to soar in the future.



Global Esports CEO Reveals the Highest Spending Esports Organization In India

Global Esports CEO Reveals the Highest Spending Esports Organization In India

Rushindra Sinha spills the beans on Indian Esports organization's spending culture.

The Indian Esports scene have taken an upturn, with many organizations such as Global Esports and S8UL Esports representing internationally. But, which of these top-tier teams spend the most?

 Well, while we don’t know, Global Esports CEO Rushindra Sinha seems to know the big spenders in the Esports industry. As spotted by AFK Gaming, Sinha talked about the spending culture of teams in India in a recent stream.


“If you want to know the truth, as of right now I think it is Orangutan Gaming,” said Sinha. Orangutan currently has rosters in games like Free Fire, BGMI, Valorant and Pokemon Unite.

Later on in the stream, Sinha also brought in GodLike to the mix as well. The Indian organization owned by Kronten features rosters for Free Fire, Call of Duty: Mobile, a girls BGMI squad and a stacked men’s BGMI team, which has players like Clutchgod, Ghatak, Jonathan, Neyoo and ZGOD.

When it comes to spending the least, the Global Sports CEO claimed that his organization is very unlikely to open their wallets for something alongside S8UL Esports. Despite having a partnership with Valorant with a squad featuring heavy international talent, Sinha is proud to share that his team will find ways to get things done as cheaply as possible.

Global Esports CEO Reveals the Highest Spending Esports Organization In India

The same goes with S8UL Esports as well, despite having star Indian content creators and players such as Mortal, sc0utOP, Payal Gaming and more.


Soul eSports BGMI Team

How S8UL, one of India’s leading esports organizations 

S8UL Esports

Soul eSports BGMI Team

S8UL Esports (pronounced S-Eight-U-L) is an Indian professional eSports organization. It fields professional eSports roster in several mobile games. It was formed by partnership of Team SouL and Team 8-Bit.

How S8UL, one of India's leading esports organizations 

Team SouL

Team SouL was formed as a PUBG Mobile team in 2018 to compete in the DreamHack event held in Mumbai, Maharashtra. The initial roster of the team included Naman “MortaL” Mathur, Yash “VipeR” Soni, Harpreet “RonaK” Singh and Mohammed Owais Lakhani.

In March 2019, Team SouL won PUBG Mobile India Series and won prize money of $41,806. Afterwards they won PMCO Spring Split 2019’s Indian Championship and earned themselves a spot in the Global Finals.

Team 8-Bit

Team 8-Bit was started by Animesh “Thug” Aggarwal as an Clash Royale clan. Later on in 2018, when PUBG Mobile was globally launched he set up a PUBG Mobile roster to compete in tournaments.

Lokesh “Goldy” Jain, an entrepreneur from a business family in Delhi joined Team 8-Bit in 2019 partnering with Thug.


(from left) Goldy, Mortal, Thug

Mortal and Thug met through the game PUBG Mobile and soon developed a good friendship among them. They both realised they had the same vision of having a team of their own.

Team SouL owned by MortaL and Team 8-Bit first exclusively owned by Thug and later co-owned with Goldy, became partners in Indian eSports scenario. Initially this partnership was informal, and was casually called S8UL. Eventually they decided to make the partnership official, and both organisations joined to form S8UL Esports.

How S8UL, one of India's leading esports organizations 

Gaming House

On April 2, 2021 S8UL revealed their gaming house where all of its competitive players and content creators will reside. Its price was revealed to be $1 Million, built around 15,000 square feet. It is located in Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra.

Awards and Achievements

PUBG Mobile

Achievements of Team SouL

19-5-20202ndSkyesports Grand Slam: PUBGM InvitationalUS$792
10-11-20192ndPUBG Mobile Club Open – Fall Split: South AsiaUS$30,000
15-6-20191stPUBG Mobile Club Open – Spring Split: IndiaUS$60,000
10-3-20191stPUBG Mobile India Series 2019US$42,828

Awards won by Team SouL

25-6-2020Matrix Invitational Cup Fan Favourite
21-6-2020VLT Major Invitational Tournament Season 2RegaltosTeam MVP
13-5-2019PUBGM Veteran Showdown: Captain’s League Fan Favourite Team
28-7-2019PUBG Mobile Club Open – Spring Split Global FinalsMortalWebsite Fan Favorite
10-3-2019PUBG Mobile India Series 2019 Most Kill By a Squad


Call of Duty: Mobile

Achievements of Team S8UL

14-2-20212ndCall Of Duty: Mobile India Cup – ProUS$6,888
23-1-20212ndESM League – Season 2US$100
18-12-20203rdESPL Amateur ChampionshipUS$136
17-12-20202ndReload 1.0 – MultiplayerUS$679
13-12-20201stGoodGame1’s Weekend WarsUS$542
22-11-20202ndLOCO Battlefield LeagueUS$337
17-11-20203rdEcstasy CupUS$67

Awards won by Team S8UL

17-12-2020Reload 1.0 – MultiplayerMoonscopeMVP



Siddhant “SID” Joshi is the manager of every competitive esports lineups of S8UL .

S8UL and all of its content creators’ are managed by 8bit Creatives, a talent management firm run by Thug and Goldy

Thug Reply On Why Soul/S8ul Is Not A Profit Org?

according to 8bit thug , s8ul is not a profitable org. rather its gives priority and independence to their creators , rosters and players . thug says that they doesnt gave much more salary to their members because pay salary means he/she is like a slave for the organisation. mainly its gives total freedom, and give chance to underdogs and respect each and every players. 

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NODWIN CODM india battleground challenge and multiplayer challenge

NODWIN CODM india battleground challenge and multiplayer challenge

codm nodwin presnt india challenge




NODWIN CODM india battleground challenge and multiplayer challenge









GRAND finals





₹ 15,00,000

NODWIN CODM india battleground challenge and multiplayer challenge


NODWIN CODM india battleground challenge and multiplayer challenge









grand finals




 Grand Finals Qualifiers 


₹ 15,00,000

NODWIN CODM india battleground challenge and multiplayer challenge

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What are Esports and Gaming?

Gaming means playing games online.

Esports or Electronic Sports are video game competitions played by professional gamers. They play either as a team or individually. 

gamer is a person who regularly plays computer or video games. A professional or “pro gamer” is a gamer associated with a gaming team or gaming association. They play online tournaments to earn money. 

Top 5 Indian Female Streamers: While India is trailing its way into the world of eSports, it’s not only the boys but also girls who are getting the chicken dinner. From tournaments to Youtube content creators, women eSports players are equally ruling the EGames world. So let’s look at the top 5 Women ESports players of India.


Payal Dhare is a 20 year old girl from Chhattisgarh, India who is a streamer & content creator for S8UL organization. She currently has 1.39M subscribers on her YouTube channel and 625K+ followers on Instagram. She is known for her regular BGMI streams on her YouTube channel and recently received ‘Startup Business Meet 2021’s Face of the Year Award’.

Payal Gaming
PAYAL GAMING YouTube Earning She’s currently the highest subscribed female BGMI streamer and as per socialblade, she earns around $2.6K-$41.4K per month via her YouTube streams.

Kaash Plays 

Kaashvi Hiranandani is a BGMI streamer from Mumbai, Maharashtra who also creates content for Esports Organisation S8UL ESports. She has done BSc(Hons) from the University of London. She streams regularly at 9:30 PM IST on her YouTube channel which currently has 225K subscribers and her insta handle has a collective 130k followers.

Kaash Plays YouTube Earning She mostly streams BGMI, but she did also stream a couple of other games with popular streamers like sc0ut. As per SocialBlade, she earns around $397-$6.4K per month.

Kani Gaming

Kanika Bisht is a BGMI streamer and owner of Call Of Duty Mobile Esports Team Resistance. Popularly known as Hydra Kani, she streams BGMI and makes content on COD Mobile for her YouTube channel where she currently has 260K subscribers and her insta handle has 163K followers.

Kani Gaming Youtube Earning As per socialblade, Kanika earns around $1.5K-$24.5K from her YouTube streams and videos.

Mysterious YT 

Shazia Ayub is a Kolkata-based Interior Designer with a passion for gaming which led her to become an influencer and full-time streamer. She’s expected to resume streaming in upcoming days on her YouTube channel where she currently has 334K subscribers and her insta handle has 27.3K followers



Monika Jeph is a streamer and content creator for the popular Esports Organisation, S8UL. She was the only female player in PMCO: Fall Split for the team SynerGE Retribution. She currently has 119K subscribers on her YouTube channel and 43,1K followers on her insta handle.

Sherlock YouTube Earning As per socialblade, she earns around $85-$1.4K per month from her YouTUbe streams and videos.

nowdays Women become the key drivers of online gaming in India

Women are carving a niche for themselves in the online gaming space. Be it gamers, streamers, game developers or entrepreneurs. Today, women are a significant part of the industry as they make up for half of the hyper-casual gamers.

There are a significant number of female influencers and companies that have come into light in recent times. Besides this, their contribution in the development of games is remarkable.

According to ‘Think with Google APAC – Play like a Girl Report, 2020’, 18% of all gamers in India are women. Moreover, the number of women is increasing at a faster rate than male gamers. Particularly in the current scenario things are changing, fast.

The gaming industry in India started to bloom about a couple of years ago. The online gaming industry too is no exception.

The Future of Women in Gaming

India has over 250 million mobile gamers and this number will reach 368 million by the year 2022. The gaming industry is growing, and women form a huge part of this market place.

Within the Asian gaming population, almost 40 to 45% of the global gaming population are women. As per InMobi’s mobile gaming India report 2021, women make up 43% of the entire mobile gaming audience.

Among them, 12 % are from the age group of 25-44 and 28 % are over 45 years. From this, we can draw the conclusion that women are going to shape the growth of the sector in the coming years.

Visibility of women in the gaming industry is increasing with time owing to the emerging online gaming culture. Additionally, the popularity of female gamers is also rising, especially on social media platforms.

For instance, Sunita Thapa Magar has 3.95 million subscribers on Youtube. Similarly, other popular gamers include Vidushi Suryavanshi (Mogambo), Mudra Roy (thewallflower), Manasvi Dalvi, Shagufta Iqbal (Xyaa) among others.
Today, entry in to the world of gaming has become easier.

The industry is more accommodating for people from various races and geographies. This can be seen in the growth of female gamers over the years. A sizable portion of these users are casual gamers and the rise of mobile games played a big part in pushing this trend.

This indicates that it is about time we started having the necessary conversations to lay the groundwork for the bright sparks that female gamers and developers are.

We can take inspiration from South East Asia where women game developers are continuing to enhance existing games and create new formats with art styles and graphics that offer exclusive experiences to female gamers.

Female gamers in South East Asia have become particularly drawn to MMORPGs (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games), FPS (First Person Shooter) games and MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) games, according to a recent study by Google and Niko Partners.

Online Gaming as a Career

Five years ago, it was unimaginable for anyone to look at online gaming as a career option. But today the space offers a bright future for women from all walks of life.

More women in the industry are being appreciated for their professionalism, experience, and love for gaming. However, there is a higher need of a policy framework to cater to their needs.

The situation has started to change in the global market because many companies are adapting to a more diverse workforce. The Indian IT/ITES industry, including gaming, cannot stay too far behind.

We’re dawning upon a new age for female gamers. It won’t be surprising if we start noticing more women themed designs, graphics and lead characters. As women shape the gaming industry, they’ll soon have more influence on the overall ecosystem as well.

The engagement of women in online gaming is poised to increase exponentially in the coming years with the increase of accessibility and affordability of gaming technology. At the same time, the industry is evolving for the better, into a more inclusive and gender-sensitive one and encouraging women gamers, content creators and hosts. This is an ideal time for women gamers and developers to excel in and mould this ever-emerging industry.

bharat esport



Indian Esports: From BGMI To Counter-Strike, DOTA to Free Fire, India’s Online Gaming Content Creators On A Roll

Esports is fast becoming a career option for youngsters in India. And it is now a medal sport in the 2022 Asian Games in Hangzhou, China.

Gone are the days when youngsters were admonished for wasting hours e-gaming before a console, PC or mobile. Today, with increasing smartphone penetration and digitisation across India, the tables have turned and esports has become a much vied-for lucrative profession for both the urban and rural youth. And why not? It is finally putting them on the road to glittering name, fame and money.

Esports is now a medal sports at the Asian Games and has a great future at the Olympics. India won a bronze medal at the 2018 Asian Games in Jakarta. Esports was a demonstration event in Indonesia but in the 2022 Games in Hangzhou, China, esports will have 24 medals up for grabs in eight different games.

Games like FIFA (made by EA SPORTS), an Asian Games version of PUBG Mobile and Arena of Valor, Dota 2, League of Legends, Dream Three Kingdoms 2, HearthStone and Street Fighter V will each offer three medals. These will count towards the final standings in the Games. India, with several experts in this art of sports, will be a serious medal contender.

Esports is a serious career option as well. India is estimated to have about 150,000 players and around 60,000 esports teams. India’s esports industry is set to quadruple in size to Rs 1,100 crore by 2025 from Rs 250 crore at present—clocking a compounded annual growth rate of 46%, according to an EY report.

Major platform owners like MPL, Paytm First Games and Nazara are increasingly turning their attention towards esports as the legalities and regulations are relatively favourable than games that involve stakes and where the luck element is more predominant that skill.

Here are India’s top online gaming content creators that are setting the bar high and aspiring many more youngsters to take up esports professionally:

1. Naman Mathur

Naman is popularly known as ‘SouL Mortal’ in the gaming circuit and is India’s most popular Battleground Mobile India (BGMI) Mobile player known for his tactical acumen.

Naman today owns a YouTube channel ‘Mortal’ but started off playing games like PS1, PS2, Mini Militia, Contra, Mario, Dangerous Dave, GTA San Andreas/Counter-Strike when he was very young. He is the first player from India to be nominated in the ‘Streamer of the Year’ category consecutively at the Esports Awards 2020 and 2021.

YouTube Subscribers: 6.83 Million
Instagram Following: 4.1 Million


2. jonathan amaral

Jonathan Amaral  is india’s best BGMI Mobile Player. He is An Esports Player from India. Jonathan id 20 years old in 2022. people know him because  of his Hacker like Gameplay. Rather Jonathan does not use any hacks. He is one of the top BGMI player is india. He is also known for is aggressive gameplay. 

YouTube Subscribers: 4 Million
Instagram Following: 1.7 Million

3. Animesh Agarwal

Animesh or ‘8Bit_Thug’ as he is popularly called, is a well-known BGMI Mobile player. He is the founder of BGMI team ‘SOUL’ and also owns 8BIT – a gaming lifestyle brand in India. Animesh left a career in Cost Accounting to follow his passion for e-gaming.

He was the first Indian roster to participate in the PUBG Mobile Star Challenge back in 2018. Today, he is a respected name among the gaming community having moved to the other side of the fence to manage influencers and introduce new players into the scene while connecting them to brands.

YouTube Subscribers: 1 million above
Instagram Following: 640k


4. Scout/Tanmay Singh

Tanmay Singh better known as Scout is a BGMI player and content creator with over four million subscribers on YouTube. He started his YouTube channel in 2018.

Scout uploads gameplay videos as well as live streams the game, and he is an esports player participating in multiple prestigious esports tournaments like Battleground Mobile India Series 2021, PUBG Mobile Pro League South Asia, ESL India Premiership 2020 Summer Season among others. In 2019, Scout formed his own PUBG Mobile Team TeamXpark.

YouTube Subscribers: 4.23 Million
Instagram Followers: 3 Million

5. Total Gaming/Ajay

With over 30 million subscribers, Total Gaming posts a series of gaming clips from Garena Free Fire to Minecraft. Most of the channel’s clips are dedicated to Garena Free Fire.

If you enjoy that game, you should definitely check out this channel. Run by Ajay, the channel offers Hindi commentary on games like Call of Duty Mobile, BGMI, and GTA V.

YouTube Subscribers: 30.3 Million
Instagram Following: 3.1 Million


Esports in China: More than just a hobby


Following its economic development, China really put digitalization and new technologies at the core of its ambitions to conquer the world. Thanks to companies that are specialized in new technologies, AI, and VR, China was able to stand out in many new technologies-related industries, such as the esports industry which is one of the most promising ones in China. With the support of local industrial policies and innovations such as the 5G technology, the esports industry will grow faster than ever in the years to come. However, esports in China can not be considered as a simple hobby, it has become a real profession. This article will show you the impact of esports in China, and we will give you some tips and advice on how to conquer the Chinese esports market.

Overview of the esports industry in China

In recent years, China became the world’s largest esports market. While many people would say that esports is just a childish hobby, esports is in fact part of China’s policy in terms of innovations. Since 2003, esports has even been recognized as an official sport by China’s General Administration of Sports. The esports industry is the perfect illustration of China’s capacity to create a unique experience thanks to new technologies and electronic games.

Who are the most popular professional esports players in China?


As of 2021, Lu Yao, also known as Somnus丶M, was the highest-earning Chinese eSports player. It is estimated that the 25-years-old player earned almost 3 million U.S. dollars during his eSports gaming career. Xu Linsen took second place with 2.9 million U.S. dollars, just before Wang Chunyu and Zhang Yiping. Most of these esports gamers were playing Dota 2, a multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) video game

different prospective of different government

The Chinese Government recognises esports as a profession

The Indian Government Recognized Esports Only as a Source of Entertainment in The Past

Esports Insider says: With the increase of public awareness for esports, the development of Chinese esports industry is gradually evolving from regional project to a bigger national project.  Due to the government’s affirmation of the esports profession, 2019 will likely be a year of rapid growth for Chinese esports business and talent.

“With rapid expansion of internet connectivity, including use of smartphones, several sports-related applications have been developed generating interest in e-sports in the country. Department of Sports has, however, not specifically recognized e-sports. Moreover, physical sports and e-sports are two distinct activities. While the former is connected with the spirit of Olympism and promotes physical fitness and wellbeing, the latter is largely a source of entertainment. The government in the Department of Sports has not proposed to recognize and promote e-sports.”

earnings comparisons between chinese esports players vs indian esports players 

chinese players

  • Salaried pro gamers: $4,000 – $5,000/month or $50,000 – $60,000 a year
  • Tournament prize money: $50,000
  • Streaming earnings: $1,500 – $2,000

indian players

When it comes to hard numbers, 8bit Thug claims that a decent mobile esports player could end up earning between INR 40,000 ($546) to INR 75,000 ($1,023) per month, while top-rated Indian esports players earn as much as INR 1,00,000 ($1,364) to INR 1,50,000 ($2,046). He also claims that mid to top tier PC esports players earn between INR 25,000 ($341) and INR 80,000 ($1,091) per month.