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BATTLEGROUND MOBILE INDIA, one of the most popular game in INDIA was banned in the First week of July 2022.Since then the whole Indian Gaming Community is eagerly waiting for its comeback.

BGMI might Return in Q2 2023, Says Krafton as Per Samsung Securities Report

According to a recent report published by Samsung Securities on South Korean game publisher Krafton, the re-release of Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) is imminent. Samsung Securities anticipates the game’s service will resume in Q2 of 2023 (April 1 – June 30) and that the company is refraining from marketing the game’s early stages return to avoid provoking the Indian government.

The report was a company update written by a senior analyst at Samsung Securities focused on the “Internet Game” sector.

From the report:

“PUBG Mobile India expected to resume in Q2: The company expects PUBG Mobile’s India (BGMI) service, which was suspended in July 2022, to resume from Q2. BGMI recorded sales of around KRW 30 billion in the quarter before the service was discontinued, so when the game resumes, it is expected to contribute to a rebound in mobile sales. However, as the company is refraining from marketing in the early stages to avoid provoking the Indian government, sales are expected to gradually normalize,” reads the relevant portion of the report.

Samsung Securities is a financial services company and a subsidiary of South Korean technology company Samsung Group—it is also one of the biggest securities firms in the country. In January, Samsung Securitieshad cut Krafton’s stock to a “neutral” rating based on a bearish earnings outlook.

In March, News18 reported that the popular battle royale title might return “very soon” to “e-stores” (likely a reference to Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store). According to News18, the ban would be lifted for a limited time of three months, with certain changes made to the original version of the game. 

Additionally, the report suggested that the game would have play time restrictions and would not include blood—meaning that the color would be changed. Apart from these gameplay changes, the government also reportedly asked Krafton “to introduce relevant changes in the game, including the server” due to potential cases of addiction and associated incidents of violence and self-harm among players that have made headlines in Indian mainstream media.

Moreover, The report also disclosed that the game had earned a significant revenue of 183 Crores before its suspension, indicating its immense popularity.

Furthermore, the report suggests that the game’s relaunch will not involve any initial promotional activities to avoid triggering any negative reactions from the Indian government.

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