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Best Five DOTA 2 Picks for ‘OFFLANER’


With so many roles in Dota, the offlane remains the most difficult role in the game. Offlane heroes are the sacrificial lamb of the teamfights. They are often on the frontlines, soaking up damage for their beloved allies, ensuring nothing happens to them. The majority of the offlane chunk of heroes are made up of the initiators who are handed the duty of starting the teamfight, and tanking the fight whilst their team follows up from the backlines. These heroes are often left alone in the lane, as they have decent survivability skills, allowing them to hold their ground even against multiple heroes. Offlaners are often underappreciated but they do most of the heavy lifting in the meta.

The Offlaner brings in extreme value and contributes immensely to the teamfights usually with his big-ticket ultimate. With no further adieu, we present you the Best 15 Offlane Heroes that wreck the enemy carry hard in the current meta. These heroes can sustain and push through their initial setbacks as they are known to recover and bounce back stronger.

Here are the Best 5 picks for ‘OFFLANE’ in DOTA 2 :-

1) TIDEhunter

tidehunter offlaner

Tidehunter is always a comfortable choice for the offlane. He is ridiculously durable due to two damage reduction abilities, one from Kraken Shell and the other from Anchor Smash. The former also has a unique effect of cleansing negative effects, like stuns.

Tidehunter is also picked for his reliable ultimate, Ravage, which erupts tendrils over a wide area, stunning and damaging on hit. Additionally, Tidehunter will always lead in gold due to his flash-farming potential. He’s one of the few heroes who can directly take on a stack of Ancient neutral creeps at an early level.

2) mars


When Mars is in the game, expect a team fight to break out every time his ultimate is off cooldown. Arena of Blood summons an inescapable arena that damages enemies near its edge. The arena also blocks enemy attacks from the outside; pairing that with his ability to magnet projectiles with Bulwark means that Mars is bad news for any ranged auto-attackers.

Mars can single out a key target with the Spear of Mars and God’s Rebuke, dealing huge burst damage and crowd control. An excellent skirmisher, team fighter, and overall nuisance, Mars and active soft support can control the game.

3) beastmaster


Zoo heroes seek to amass an army of summoned units or neutral creeps to destroy buildings quickly. No matter what patch, Beastmaster remains a strong choice. Wild Axes and his boar allow him to shove creep waves, bully enemies, and take towers all day. Additionally, his Inner Beast passive boost nearby allies’ attack speed.

The best reason to pick Beastmaster is for his invisible hawk that can easily scout for enemies. The enemy carry is never safe, as they never know when you’ll unleash a Primal Roar while sending your army of enhanced units at them.

4) doom


Doom is always relevant because of his ability to reduce another hero to a useless unit. His ultimate curses an enemy hero, preventing them from using items and abilities. This lasts an agonizing 16 seconds while also dealing damage over time. If you’re the target of his ultimate, you can only run toward your team and pray they stop him.

5) night stalker

Best Five DOTA 2 Picks for 'OFFLANER'

Night Stalker has a unique utility to contribute to the team: killing supports. He is the best backline diver in the entire game, able to effortlessly run straight to fragile heroes using Hunter in the Night and right-click them to death. Cripping Fear horrifies nearby enemies, giving him more space to pummel hard supports for existing.

As the name suggests, Night Stalker transforms into a menace during nighttime. Night can occur naturally as the game progresses, or he could block the sun himself with his ultimate, Dark Ascension. It’s truly a terrific sight as Night Stalker also gains free pathing, letting him move freely through cliffs and obstacles.

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