Best Five DOTA 2 Picks For ‘CARRY’

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In Dota 2, Carry heroes usually have abilities surrounding their physical, right-click damage such as attack speed buffs or critical passives. 

They become powerful in the late game after acquiring items. Playing Carry requires an efficient farming pattern and a good sense of map awareness.

Throughout the game, their main priority is to flash farm and get as much gold as possible to complete the essential item build. Once completed, Carry heroes reach their power spike and are able to join fights.

 During the late game, the Carry is responsible for literally carrying the team to victory. 

While there are many carry heroes in Dota 2, there’s only so much gold available on the map. Because of that, you must bring the best carry hero for the job to destroy their ancient.

Here are the Best Five DOTA 2 Picks For ‘CARRY’ :-


Best Five DOTA 2 Picks For 'CARRY'

One of the trademark carry heroes in Dota 2, Juggernaut is capable of snowballing games in your team’s favor from various unfavorable situations. Apart from dealing massive physical damage with his Blade Dance passive ability, Juggernaut’s Healing Ward can be an absolute game-changer in team fights.However, what makes Juggernaut so strong in the current meta is his Blade Fury and Omnislash. While Blade Fury grants magic immunity to the hero, Omnislash makes him disappear from the field of battle altogether. Nevertheless, both of these abilities deal a huge chunk of damage to enemies caught under its effect while ensuring protection for Juggernaut.



After being a fairly average hero for a couple of patches, Spectre has once again returned to strike fear in her enemy’s heart. Be it her global presence from Haunt and Shadow Step or her insanely strong Spectral Dagger, it is nearly impossible for most heroes to escape Spectre on the battlefield.Additionally, Spectre’s Dispersion ability makes her extremely sustainable even against high-damage heroes. On top of all these, Desolate allows the hero to rapidly burst enemy heroes who are caught out of position. Considering all of these factors along with her current in-game win rate, Spectre can easily carry a team to victory in most scenarios.



A good Ursa is one of the scariest heroes in the game, especially when his teammates enable his bruiser playstyle. Ursa can effortlessly kill durable heroes because of Fury Swipes, a passive ability that grants stacking damage bonuses if he attacks the same enemy. This synergizes with his extra attack speed granted by Overpower.Ursa is notoriously hard to kill because of Enrage, making him the most durable carry in Dota 2. Due to his tankiness and great damage, Ursa can start taking Roshan incredibly early.

4) faceless void


Faceless Void is all about his big game-changing ultimate, Chronosphere. It creates a large sphere that freezes every unit inside except for Faceless Void. It’s a devasting ultimate in solo queue as it renders the enemies helpless against Faceless Void and his team’s ultimate abilities. Faceless Void has no problem securing a kill every time it’s off cooldown. Faceless Void is a durable carry because of Time Walk, letting her negate any damage taken in the last two seconds. Additionally, Time Dilation is a unique ability that pauses enemy cooldowns when they’re caught in its effect.


drow ranger

Drow Ranger is a hard-hitting archer who can slow enemies with frost-tipped arrows. She can already start securing kills with Frost Arrows in the laning phase. Drow Ranger is annoying to lane against since she can cast her Frost Arrows to avoid drawing creep aggro (creeps changing targets). Marksmanship grants Drow Ranger and nearby allies a huge agility bonus, while letting Drow’s attacks ignore base armor. As long as she can keep her distance, Multishot and Gust will decimate the enemy team.

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