Top 5 picks for ICEBOX

Icebox was the fifth map that Riot Games introduced to Valorant, and it was made available in the game with patch 1.10 in October 2020. Per the game’s lore, this arctic-themed map is based on a Russian island on Alpha Earth.

It was the first map to include horizontal zip lines, and the developers have made several changes to Icebox since its release to ensure that the gameplay is enjoyable. To excel and perform better on it, you must select agents best suited to the map. If you are looking for the finest agents to use on Icebox, check out the ones in this list.

5) KILLjoy


Killjoy is a sentinel agent that is ideal for players who like to play defensively. Her turret can also cover key areas of the map, alerting her team to enemy movements. The alarm bot can also detect enemy movements, giving her team advanced warning of incoming flanks. 

Killjoy’s ultimate ability, the Lockdown, can cover the whole site making things easier in retakes and attacks. Killjoy is undoubtedly an excellent choice for players who prefer a more strategic, defensive style of play.

4) sage

Top 5 picks for ICEBOX

Sage is a support agent that is ideal for Valorant Icebox’s more strategic gameplay. Her healing ability makes her an essential ally in battles. Even more, her wall ability allows your team to safely plant the spike with little contention.

Her ultimate ability, Resurrection, allows her to bring a fallen teammate back to life, which can turn the tide of a round. Sage’s abilities undoubtedly make her an invaluable asset to any team on Icebox, where strategic gameplay is essential to success.

3) SOva

sova ascent

Sova is a recon agent that is highly effective on maps like Valorant Icebox, where gathering information is crucial. His recon arrow ability allows him to reveal enemy positions, making it easier for his team to plan their attacks. 

His shock dart can damage enemies or force them out of hiding spots. Sova’s ultimate ability, the Hunter’s Fury, also sends out three waves of energy that damage enemies through walls. Sova’s abilities make him an excellent choice for players who prefer a more tactical style of play.

2) jett

jett icebox

Jett is a highly mobile agent that is ideal for Valorant Icebox’s fast-paced gameplay. Her updraft ability allows her to jump onto high ledges, giving her an excellent vantage point over the map. 

You can also use Updraft to escape, making it an invaluable tool when navigating tight spaces on Icebox. 

Jett’s tailwind ability allows her to move quickly, which is essential when rotating to different parts of the map. Her ultimate ability, the Blade Storm, is the cherry on top of Jett’s kit. Jett is an excellent choice for players who prefer a high-risk, high-reward style of play.

1) Viper


Viper is a controller agent that excels on maps like Icebox Valorant, where controlling space is essential. Her toxic screen ability allows her to block off areas of the map. Viper’s wall is particularly effective in Icebox Valorant. You can use her poison cloud to force enemies out of hiding spots or to prevent them from advancing. 

Viper’s ultimate ability, the Viper’s Pit, creates a poisonous cloud that damages enemies and obscures their vision. Viper’s abilities are highly effective on Icebox, where controlling space is critical to winning rounds.

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