Battlegrounds Mobile India Showdown (BMSD) 2022: Schedule, Participating teams, Prizepool and more

Battlegrounds Mobile India Showdown (BMSD) 2022: Schedule, Participating teams, Prizepool and more

Earlier today, Krafton announced the first ever LAN or offline tournament to be hosted for the popular battle royale game Battlegrounds Mobile India, also known as BGMI. Battlegrounds Mobile India Showdown or the BMSD 2022 is likely going to be an invitational tournament with the top T1 teams in the country being invited. Read more to find out the details of this tournament. 

Battlegrounds Mobile India Showdown (BMSD) 2022: Schedule, Participating teams, Prizepool and more

“You Asked, We Heard! BGMI is proud to present the FIRST EVER BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA Official LAN. With 24 squads ready to face the heat, BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA SHOWDOWN will surely put them to the test! With 4 Days of nail-biting action to keep you on the edge of your seat, #BMSD2022 boasts a MASSIVE INR 15 Lakhs Prize Pool, meant for those who dare. The action starts on 21st JULY”

Where to watch

The Showdown will be livestreamed on Battlegrounds Mobile India’s YouTube channel and on Loco from July 21.

The tournament features a decent prize pool of $18800. The given prize pool will be divided among the participating teams based on their final rank in the tournament with the amount of money decreasing down the table.

Also, players will receive a prize amount for earning specific individual achievements such as the MVP award. The tournament will kick off on the 21st of July and will run till the 24th of July 2022. The tournament will go on for 4 days with teams fighting it out to come out on top at the end of the tournament.

Battlegrounds Mobile India Showdown (BMSD) 2022: Participating teams

Although unofficial and not started yet, there’s a very strong possibility that this LAN event will be held in the national capital of Delhi. The information will be updated here when it is announced. No information has been released as of now regarding which teams would be participating.

But it has been confirmed that the number of teams will be 24. Also, the winning team is rumored to get an invitation to the global event PMWI. But according to leaks, the invited teams could be the following:

  • Soul
  • GodL
  • XO
  • SG
  • GE
  • HH
  • Enigma
  • OR
  • ABZ
  • INS
  • KE
  • 7Sea
  • TX
  • RE
  • RGE
  • TSM
  • BB
  • FS
  • NGX
  • RNT
  • Hydra
  • EW
  • Udog
  • BGMS(best performing non-invited team)

If any of the teams in the above list is not invited then there are chances that another team may also be invited from BGMS.

Kraftons’s BGMI LAN event winner might get a slot in PMWI 2022 After Party Showdown


PMWI is set to take place in two stages, namely Main Stage and After Party Showdown. The main stage will boast a Prize Pool of $2 Million while Party Showdown will have $1 Million.  Team Soul who won BGIS 2021 is qualified for PMWI 2022: Main Stage. The winner of the BGMI Showdown was also rumoured to be given a special slot in the PUBG Mobile World Invitational (PMWI): Afterparty Showdown, which is scaled to take place from 18 August to 20 August. However, an official announcement is due to be made, so fans should take this leak with a pinch of a salt and wait for an official statement.

The competition will be high and tough for the teams as we saw gruelling action in the recently concluded BGMS. Global Esports‘ comeback was sensational and they lifted up the trophy by beating Team Godlike by 4 points. The event saw some tough competition among the teams even though it is a third-party event, but was the first-ever televised esports event.

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